The Magisterial Mission



The Incarnation of Monjoronson
The Incarnation of Monjoronson
(Revised June 28, 2016)
Urantia’s First Magisterial Son Is Nearing His Mission on Earth



Revused February 20, 2018


Since this was revised in June of 2016, we have been through about three iterations of the proposed Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  Today we are coming close to the truth of the matter, and while I have been on of the main proponents of such a Mission to urantia, I have been removed from the activity that is surrounding the Magisterial Mission, and must await like everyone else on Urantia, what the Most Highs and Uversa (The Ancients of Days), will say about attempting to continude something that just does not seem to be able to start itself anywhere on Urantia,


I am letting the text remain of what was written in June of 2016 until something definitive is produced to tell Urantia where it stands with a proposed Magisterial Mission with both Paradise Magisterial Sons on the surface of Urantia yet today, is going to manifest itself or not.  This is not to announce an end to the proposal but to summon the courage that something else is in the works to portend or amend the Magisterial Mission in some manneer we may finally and fully recognized such is happening.  All who read this must understand that this web site bas been promising this missio since 2005 and later and now indications are we may not see it at all or have it so modified we do not recognize it.  I waish all well and welcome to reality as it is being spelled to us now.   Thank you.  Ron Besser/admin



The June 28th revised text follows below:



Our earth, called Urantia by the universe, has no memory of other incarnated Sons before the bestowal of Jesus two thousand years ago.  It was Jesus then who worked the crowds to have them hear his call to know the Father, and now comes his Brother, Monjoronson for human eyes to see and a human voice to call the people to their Father once again.  

Jesus and Monjoronson call us back to our spiritual roots, to our beginnings of purpose as living creatures of the Creator-Father, and in this, their missions are the same.  However, time changes man, and therefore, time changes the divine missions too.   Jesus represents a recent past step toward our planetary and human destinies while Monjoronson brings with him the newer plans toward some of the very same goals restated for the modern era.  Bestowals, incarnations, magisterial missions, and other ways, are the processes God uses of making direct contact with the people who have signaled they are ready for a change.  

Jesus and The Magisterial Mission

Two thousand years ago, the Creator Son incarnated upon our planet as the man from Nazareth , Joshua Ben Joseph, who lived the life of the average human of the time.  The Creator Son, as the incarnated Jesus, wished to learn and know, to actually experience, the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life as it was then lived on Urantia.  His earth life was as the son of man, followed by the second phase as the Son of God, teaching and revealing man to God and God to man as it never had been done before.

Today, two thousand or so years later, Jesus has asked his spiritual Brother to incarnate to take up the work where he, Jesus left it.  Jesus said that in his work, whoever has seen a Creator Son has seen the Father.  When a Magisterial Son incarnates, whoever sees a Magisterial Son has seen the Eternal Son.  Jesus was and is a Creator Son with full sovereignty over his universe of which we are part, while a Magisterial Son works under his direction, not so much to achieve the knowledge of what man is like– that he does do–   but to adjudicate earth and re-assign the spiritual personnel working on a planet to their new duties as the dispensation changes.

Jesus, before he left our planet, asked Gabriel, his chief executive, to call a planetary wide dispensation to bring the sleeping survivors to the halls of justice.  Monjoronson and Jesus, the Creator Son, will jointly call the Roll Call of Justice and declare the fifth 3epochal dispensation to begin on Janaury 16, 2015., at noon. New York time.  It will be not just the sleeping survivors who will rise, but all of mankind still living will be adjudged and the rehabilitation of the planet will ensue.

Jesus resurrected the planet from the blackness of rebellion, and now Monjoronson will cleanse her of the evil done for so many years.  They are different actions each taken in their time of necessity.

Once the Magisterial Son has established the role of justice on earth, he will turn to his brother to heal her, and to bring justice, mercy, and right living back to a planet starved for the affection of Christ. 

Then shall take place the most extraordinary action in the universe from which we were created.  The Creator Son will once again arrive on our sphere as he promised millennia ago, and he shall be visible to those who are of the spirit.  Together, Monjoronson and Jesus as Michael the Creator Son, they shall jointly declare the world safe for life once again, and for a time, together bring the Urantia back into the bosom of the Father.

Jesus will retain two to six of the old Apostles, and they include the First Apostle Paul (Saint Paul) of Tarus, and the leader of his earthly Apostles, Peter.  We also anticipate that corresponding Apostles will be chosen from contemporary humans at the time of the apperance of Jesus in the flesh once more.

Jesus states that the apperance of his form on Urantia will be necessary to inform those who are so poor in spirit  they cannot find Jesus in the spirit as prophesized in the cannon of John in the New Testament.  We will make every effort to insure that all else questioned in those days and spoken to in the Gosples come to pass.