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Teacher:  JarEl

Topic:  Looking Within

R:Betty And Douglas

Date: Dec. 09, 1993

T/R: Betty The Power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is with us, to guide us and protect us, and light our path through wisdom, to comfort the sorrow in our hearts, to cloak our spirit with mercy, love and goodness.

Greetings, I am your teacher JarEl. I would like to protect you from the problems of life, and I will used all of the strength available to me to do this in my way, by protecting you. Let me say that it is not within my power to direct your path, in a way that would interfere with your choice. However, if invited am always by your side to impress a new way, a new choice.

Tonight it is my pleasure to introduce to you a new way of viewing the introspective self. Much of humanity is focused outward for answer, for direction, for signs of God working in your lives. And yet this viewpoint has a horizon that leaves one thirsty for knowledge, for fulfillment, for nourishment. For it is unending, the disciplines, the misguided interpretations of the spirit, and the misguided paths to finding the knowledge of self.

I say to you, look within, for this is what Christ Michael told the multitudes, "the kingdom is within." To focus is within. All the wisdom you will ever need is within you. To connect with this source of wisdom is the greatest thrill known to man. The willingness to set self aside and to focus within is a difficult task, and yet knowledge earned is knowledge worth having, it is worth the effort.

Tremendous dedication allows the discipline of ones dedication to emerge, to unfold, to unfurl, and soon the banner is revealed and the spirit of Self unfolds. I say to you, look within, particularly when you are aroused by strong opinions, strong emotions. Whence forth do these ideas emerge? Where are they stored? What light have you given them? Do they now werve to illuminated your path?

Today we are called upon to examine these things in detail. Emerging is a new knowledge. Great thing are on the horizon. Will we bring our old opinions to these new beginnings? Consider these things. Consider cleaning house. Consider cleaning the mind.

( Note: The lesson was continued after a few minuets break, with a different T/R. T/R Douglas.)

JarEl: We have spoken to you of self examination. We have human thoughts and ideas, self introspection. This helps us to focus and concentrate on our main objective. This helps to follow our plan to its successful conclusion.

We have attempted to show you those abilities that are inherent tin your being. That of intuition. hat of knowing the will of the Father. The potential for your achieving this goal is inherent in your being. However you will not achieve it thru stubborn use of willpower. We cannot force His will in order to obtain those levels of enlightenment and understanding that comes only through the Father. You have approached many times the threshold of the stillness wherein, had you entered, the Father would have made His presence known to you. You have asked of me how do you know this state of consciousness wherein you are aware of the stillness? I say to you, you must be unaware, unconscious of yourself. When you have approached the stillness your five senses. Your intuition is active. Your concentration is active You approach through passiveness.

Any other approach will not suffice. There is too much effort. Too much energy expended. Passivity allows total relaxation and unconsciousness of self. For Example, the habit of smoking which is prevalent on this sphere regardless of the health risk it contains. A person may take into account the detriments of this practice and decide that they should cease it. Through willpower they are often able to subdue the passions and desires to smoke, realizing full well that not to do so can cause disease and death. So much energy is expended through the force of will to subdue the desire to smoke. As long as the application of will power is exerted, the habit of smoking will fluctuate as a battle of will.

This one (person) is not the master. The Master is he who is passive in the stillness, and allows his desire to cease this habit, to be effective by passivity. Allow the desire to smoke to disappear. Your passive approach in the stillness will grant your desires far better than the exertion of sheer will. Do you see this, dear ones?

Hal: Yes!

JarEl: This is well. This will help you to approach the threshold of the stillness through relaxation. Allow your body and mind to real, giving over all cares and struggle to the Father. Seeking only His presence and your desire to fulfill His will. Your battles will be fought. Your challenges will be overcome. Your victories will be won. Thank you for this time of togetherness, for we are a community. A community of friends, fellows in one cause. That of knowing the will of the Father and His Creator Son, and this mission. I greet you dear oneswith peace and life and love as you seek knowledge and understanding. It is His light unto your path. My peace I leave with you this night. The hour is late. We will leave the questions until later. Farewell!!

Group: Farewell, JarEl!!

Dear Ones, we have walked this path together hand in hand. The Father is ever present to lift you up and lighten your heart. Look within and seek the love of the Father within. Take the time for thanksgiving. Pray for others. Dedicate yourself to the will of the Father. This will strengthen you for the days ahead and make your steps light while those around you stumble. These days and weeks ahead are illuminated under consciousness of the baby Christ Michael our Sovereign Savior. What better time to speak of you r love for the Father who has bestowed His gift on all humanity. Take this opportunity to practice speaking to those whom you encounter of the Father's love. Of the promise of Light and Life and the changes occurring on our planet. Each time you meet, you will be respected...(Pause) This one is distracted, please hold...