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Why Am I Here? & Where Do I go?

Teacher: JarEl

T/R: Betty

Date: December 19, 1993

The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us.

Wherever you are He is with you to guide you and protect you and to fill your soul with love and light. To dispel all shadows in your path, and to bring illuminating love.

Good evening, this is JarEl, your teacher. I am so pleased to be with you.

Group: Greetings JarEl! We are also glad to be back with you.

This has been a glorious time for me. Hearts have been lifted up, elevated to a higher consciousness in perceiving those who are less fortunate. Kindness seems to be the rule of the day. You are using creative ideas as the materialistic aspect of Christmas. On your planet, this has somewhat interfered because of the economic situation. This allows the creative forces to impress on the individuals an alternative. There are alternative ways of looking at those things.

The ideas of who you are, were primarily formed by a culture that has had difficult beginning and mistakes have been made in view of the higher aspects of the individual. Just as you count the fingers of your hind, each has its own shape and size. Nevertheless each is a part of the whole and serves its purposes. However, in order to ease the stress of living in the absence of spiritual nourishment, adornment has become prevalent in your expression. Remember we stand erect, with hearts beating actively and the spirit of God indwells each of us. The fragment within us calls us to know the Father.

The question universally ask, is "why am I here and where do I go?" The color of skin and culture of our background are meaningless in some regards. These questions are universal. We are all children of our Father and brothers and sisters of Urantia. The commonalty we share must overcome the cultural differences. Blending of these differences will be the task of the entire planet. It is time to relax and allow the anxieties to pass. Allow the joy to enter. Allow the stillness to enfold you and all negativity to pass away. How often have you stopped to allow this to happen? How often are we aware of our behavior? We sometimes are more aware of the behavior of others. Can you see on the one hand the violence and eruptions occurring, and on the other hand you see the workings of celestial help and goodness.

I tell you now, I am so delighted that all here have chosen to do the Father's will and re ready for knowledge. The important thing is that each now has as teacher to guide you and be a companion.

Each has traversed the ladder. The pendulum has swung and the anxiety, and stress has left. Relax, lean back, close your eyes and let go. (A flock of crows outside distracted the T/R for a moment) The birds distract this one. Allow the love to transfer one to the other. This one hears everything. Can you imagine a world where each one is filled with this love and warmth.

This day will come. I tell you this mission will come to its conclusion and this is the beginning. Now dear ones, I will answer questions if you have any for me. (pause) What? No questions?

Joe: JarEl, this is Joe. I do have a question, in reference to worship. Why does the Father need worship in material terms? Why are we asked to worship the Father?

JarEl: The Father in heaven needs nothing. He is all and everything. He is perfect. Worship is for the individual. It is his connection to the whole. His entrance into the kingdom. It is the energy that connects them to everything. In worship you acknowledge these gifts. Your very being. There is a force that lifts the spirit and concentrates the being in everlasting life. Thanksgiving normally precedes worship. Thanksgiving is the entrance to the higher spiritual development, it naturally progresses to worship. Does this answer you question?

Joe: Yes. So it is the same principle that applies to prayer. I used to believe that if the Father knows everything in the universe and our needs, why is there a need to ask for things. Now I have come to see that it is for ones own benefit, for ones connection. For ones putting out of a positive energy.

JarEl: Yes, this is correct. Your understanding is complete. Although one could spend many eons explaining prayer and worship.

Hal: In other words, the Father requires of us to use our own freewill choice in asking through worship and prayer?

JarEl: Your communication with the Father is evident with your own spiritual growth. Do you see this?

Hal: Yes.

Lucille: JarEl, is this overwhelming feeling you have of love or energy. Is that worship?

JarEl: Yes. This is a element of worship. The love is the fabric of everything, and worship is an expression of this love.

Hal: Do those in the spiritual world feel this same emotion or ecstasy that we have as our endocrine reaction?

JarEl: Recognize love as the power force in the universe. Seek opportunities to express and demonstrate these principals. The more spiritually enlightened a being becomes the more he recognizes the potentialities of love. To demonstrate these principals is much sought after and the opportunity is much desired.

Hal: I think that what I was trying to get at was, trying to visualize the difference between the material existence and the spiritual existence. We respond with our chemical reactions or our electrochemical mechanisms. What mechanisms is it that responds at the spiritual level?

The ecstasy of love, we respond to with our emotions. In the spiritual realm what do you respond with? There is a difference , I don't understand. Maybe I am reaching for something that isn't there. I don' know.

JarEl: Nothing material is spiritual. The electrochemical reaction of our feeling is focused in your animal nature. Your spiritual forms are a part of the gravity force in connection with the Father fragment ever present, ever active, ever preparing you for your purely spiritual journey. It would be difficult for you to understand the nature of this presence while still attached to the animal body. But I tell you, dear ones, that the magnificent being that await you, the brilliant glory of the morontia life will be perfect vessels for your spiritual development. Does this clarify the confusion?

Hal: Somewhat. I am still trying to visualize how a morontial body responds. We respond with tremendous highs and lows of emotions. Does the morontial body have a comparable means of receiving this love and expressing it?

JarEl: Dear one, In time all things will be clear to you.

Hal: Yes, that is the feeling that I have. I am not quite capable of understanding many things.

JarEl: Many thing seem confusing when we go beyond our realm of understanding. However, you do understand our need to be loved and honored and cared for. And each have the same need. Remember your love ones and express the joy of your being connected to them. Assure them that they hold a special place in your heart that loves them with the God effect.

Now dear ones, I will leave you. I wish to say that you are loved , cared for and respected. All is well and proceeding correctly. We are aware of our brother Douglas, who is traveling on his vehicle of occupation . He is with us now in prayer. So dear ones love each other. Good-bye. I will see you soon.

Group: Farewell, thank you for a wonderful lesson. We look forward to being with you again soon.