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Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topics: Election Eve


November 6, 2000

t/r henry

Greetings, It is I JarEl again, it is good to be here amongst you. I am here tonight. I apologize for not being here last session, and I understand that you were in good hands.

Several hundred years ago, in the country in which you now live, there was an idea, a need, a yearning, and a desire to create a new society. The people who had moved here from European countries in particular England, moved here to escape oppression. They came here to practice their own beliefs, to raise families and to spread across a new nation. To live as man should live, serving no one but God and man's country. The desire and courage to create a new society created a tremendous confrontation with the European country which was supporting and controlling the economics and the government of the newly formed colonies.

There came a point when individuals and groups of individuals could not bear to live under the oppression any more, they revolted, and rose up in arms. Great battles ensued and a Declaration of Independence was issued forth, dedicating and establishing the birth of a nation.

Several thousand years ago, a man was born upon this planet who also talked about a new nation, a kingdom, a new age, new life and a new way of being, a society dedicated to respecting each other and honoring the God of one, the God of All.

Now, in our present day society and currently on the world, there is a renewed interest on a large scale to create a new society, a new age, a new world. This desire and this mandate speaks of spiritual liberty, spiritual freedom. It speaks of loving service. I am interested in addressing a call to arms. Not arms of ammunition but arms of embrace, arms of love, arms of service, arms of compassion, arms of friendliness. There is an organized design, a distortion of truth and of confusion, hidden facts, un-loyal goodness. The establishing of the kingdom of heaven within the hearts and minds of men, demands courage and loyalty, it demands a fight, if you will, a stand with truth, beauty and goodness. A stand of loyalty. You have dedicated your hearts and minds to the service of Michael and his mission. You have agreed to help transform this world of woe into a world of beauty, happiness, and peace. It would be wonderful to have the celestial personalities transform this world for you, but you would not have earned the privilege of transforming it yourself. Of actually displaying courage and loyalty, love and service. The forefathers who birthed the American nation were willing to sacrifice everything, they had to create a world in which their children and their children's children could live in peace and civility. To practice their beliefs and way of life with their families and children, and to grow as combined communities under a common guidance and common goal, for the good of the new nation. Do you have the courage and the loyalty to build a new spiritual nation? One of common good, of mutual respect, one in which the service to others becomes much more important than the service to one's self. Do you have the courage to sacrifice everything that you have, everything that you are, for the good of all? Yes! Do you have the ability to ultimately give of yourself, that this world may become a better place. This is what is ultimately being asked of you. Not whether you want to talk about it, not whether you want to see how others feel about it, but DO YOU as an individual feel within your heart the desire to stand apart, to stand within the center of a circle of confusion and begin to make sense and order of yourself and everything around you. Do you have the faith to believe that the spirit of the Father/ Mother God which resides within you will guide and take of you every step of the way.

Do you have the loyalty to keep believing and pushing in the face of arrogance, neglect, envy, nonchalant attitudes, carelessness, and even betrayal? Do you have the courage to combine your heart with your mind, your desire with your actions and your will with your faith?

To begin to change the world is to begin to change the world within the space between your two ears and your nose. This is where the world will change. It will change within each and every one of you. As you begin to sense this growing change, this desire will be enough to take those steps.

It is not important to know where the steps will lead. It is not necessary to discern the direction in which you are going, for to be led by the spirit is to be led as a blind man, eyes-closed, heart opened, faith secure. Standing on courage and holding onto loyalty.

Begin to give action to your thoughts, begin to make decisions. Know that in all that you do and will do, there is a tremendous network of support standing ready, ever so helpful to assist and guide you through the maze of unreality; the maze of default, betrayal, sedition in which this world has so meticulously cultured.

If there is any doubt in you minds, and I know that there is, begin to ask for guidance and courage, for your thoughts are pure and real, you are constantly being guided. It is the inertness of the animal mind which tends to dominate and set itself strong, which justifies and overwhelm.Spirit mind is not inert; it is like water, constantly moving. If it sits still for too long, it begins to evaporate until it gathers and rains upon you again, it is constantly in motion. Whatever form it takes, it has a vitality, a purpose and it has an ability to move into areas where it is needed, into places where your mind cannot bring you. This is the quality of spirit led mind.

Thank you for allowing me these few words.

Nell; Thank you JarEl, as you brought up the founding of this nation, tomorrow we will choose another leader. It is quite a dilemma, who do I choose. I could ask for advice, but it is ultimately my decision to pick one. The candidates seem as confused as I am.

JarEl: You can choose, because your nation stands on a very firm foundation. It stands on bedrock. It stands upon a declaration of integrity, justice and equality and if the chosen leadership shall betray, the people of the nation and the system will justly deal with such an individual. Know that within your choosing for such an honorable position, even though less than honorable men may assume to fill these positions, it does not lesson the office for which they are being elected. Many times it is not until a person steps into the office that the individuals begins to mold to the dictates and demands of the office. You can thank your forefathers for establishing a system of government whereby the sets of power can be changed without severe destruction to the whole system, albeit a candidate will move the system towards one direction and the other candidate move it towards the other direction. There is still the voice of a democracy of democratic people. Until it happens that this world is transformed spiritually, and begins to govern loyally, all forms of government will be less than perfect and less than honorable. There will be a time in the distant future when mankind will evolve to the point where the threshold to self-government will be the threshold to the dawn ages of light and life.

Know that whether political systems come and go, the spiritual kingdom is establishing and foundation and a connection with eternal deity and this is the most important politics, the politics of your soul, how are you growing spiritually? One day you will sit around and laugh that you even had to have these elections. Albeit some may be laughing now. You are correct, we cannot tell you that one is better than the other, it is which model do you choose.

Steve; JarEl, thank you for an interesting pre-election eve message. It seems that not much discussion is being waged on the spiritual heritage upon which this country was founded. The foundation, as you said is still solid, yet the frame at times seems shaky. I am wondering if you could comment on the changes and kinds of improvements we may enjoy and the type of republic in the future years as we begin to get closer both in spirit and practice living more according to the age of light and life. JarEl: One of the things which may begin to make an appearance is the need to simplify life. As man begins to transform spiritually and grow in democratic societies, man will begin to sense that the whole of society will benefit more as the fascination with an individual accumulated wealth becomes less the goal, and as men begin to serve God's will in society you will see a wisdom beginning to establish itself. It is much better to have the lower echelon of society elevated to the point of respect and integrity and some form of health and happiness, and that society begins to prosper and stabilize to the point where economically, things are not in such dramatic flux. The stability of the economics now is so fragile that a drop in the Dow could determine the economic downfall of large portions of the population. That there begin to be a sense of real identity with the real purpose of living. That this purpose shows that the quality of life is much better off with raising the future in the children and this will maintain and secure the future. Rather than glorify the middle-age male ego in society, begin to loosen the hold on the self and gravitate more towards the benefit of the whole. This has parallel metaphors to the spiritual kingdom.

This is why it is important to develop a spiritual kingdom first, because the evolutionary and physical forms of government will have a strong spiritual scaffold upon which to build and operate themselves. Then you will begin to see tremendous advances in society, science, industry. This will make the quality of life for every individual who has the privilege to be born on this world as a person in life and light. There are less and less mistakes and more attention to the details of quality and importance of values. Right now the world is experiencing growing pains and tremendous pathology because society cannot stand without a spiritual core. Like man cannot stand without a spiritual core. Man cannot experience great evolution and transformation until he and she experiences this spiritually. Yes, there are many problems and they will not disappear until the minds open and begin to connect to the heart and begin to change, and see the Will of the Father and its greater outworking within the kingdom of heaven and the hearts and minds of men.

I know that this sounds ideal, yet it is the true way. It is unfortunate that the original concept to the planet was defaulted by rebellion. Part of the establishing of the spiritual contact with this world is to reestablish the patterning of personal spiritual transformation, which will eventually transform this world into the correct pattern of growth. It can happen no other way. There are agencies which will not necessarily allow you to destroy yourselves, yet human beings must have the ability to grapple with difficulty and to distinguish quality. There you have it.

Nell; I am thinking that as scientists discover more and more, new facts, I am reading that they are finding God particles. There will come a point that more and more scientists will have to acknowledge that there is a God. When that happens and they openly declare, religion and science will really unite and this will be great. Religions will trust the scientists and there will be unity. Am I correct there?

JarEl; Well you are correct in ideal, you are not necessarily correct in actuality. The fact of God can only be known through experience. When science discovers God, science may begin to discover a much larger purpose and design than they originally suspected, but the scientist as well as the religionist will also have to be transformed spiritually. Until you begin to experience God in your life through love and respect for all life, you will not have this unity, of religion and science agreeing. Religion will ask, 'Which God?" and science will argue, "What religion". You will eventually find the need for spiritually transformed individuals to become religionist and spiritually transformed people to become scientist. Religion and science as it is practiced on Urantia now is not much greater than ghost cults and alchemists. It has given you a better way of life and given you a type of social organization, but spiritual transformation is a tremendous effort and neither science nor religion as they exist now is willing to pursue. There will come a time when individuals within religion will turn the tide of belief and that religions will begin to accept all men as brothers and sisters under one God. This will come about because individuals will have made it so, not because scientists have found God. You cannot find God, because he is not lost or in hiding. God can only be experienced and it is this knowingness which is the experience of God which becomes the fact of God. You need not be either scientist or religionist to experience God, just a mere sons and daughters of God.

Scientist are discovering that there are other worlds, and will discover ships from these worlds hovering over the planet, but the people of the planet are told to fear and get out their lasers, they might have to destroy the enemies. Right now the world is not ready for universe citizenship. There needs to be a spiritual transformation amongst enough people to begin to shift to the tide of awareness. Just as when scientists begin to discover God that there are enough people on the planet that actually know and have experienced God to know what science is talking about. The science needs to be transformed beyond its egocentric alchemy and religion needs to be transformed beyond its narrow ghost cult and nationalistic separatist ideologies. Individuals who will do this will transform it. There are many spiritual agencies now that are working with individuals. It is difficult, as you, yourselves know, it will take you personally several lives to transform yourselves. Life as you know it is not designed for spiritual transformation, albeit it is fertile for spiritual transformation. It takes a concerted and focused, dedicated effort to begin to see through the eyes of faith. Believe through the will of spirit to act out of courage and to love like it is the only gift you have.

Chris; I am wondering if there's very much of a likelihood that we could wipe ourselves out and utterly fail, that the few left would see the light, and is there a time limit on this. Seems like we will never get it. JarEl: Lets' not humor yourselves too much here, it is desperate. Man will dig a deeper and deeper hole in which to bury himself, it is true. Man will make it extremely difficult until there are fewer choices and the results begin to place demands upon him. The human animal is one in which it begins to follow an impulse, not cognitive thinking. Man will only eat when he is hungry like an animal. Now plan for the future or look at the bigger picture until all of a sudden the oxygen in the atmosphere is depleted to the point that the health becomes compromised. Man will not begin to see that overpopulation is killing him until it gets to the point that no one can move. Man will be so full of disease because there is no clean water left to drink because of pollution. Maybe thing have to get worse.

There are people on the world today and many more being born who are here to change the world, who will have the courage, the faith, the functionality and the stamina to also 'walk the walk'. This world is destined for transformation. No matter how desperate or how much time it will take to learn the hard way, it will earn every inch, every value, every insight, every mistake will make a difference, he will have earned it. Then the world will begin to change. You can either help accelerate this or not. If you choose to help, you can at least rest assured that you are working towards a greater reality. One in which for you may not begin to manifest itself until you have left the planet and moved on to other worlds.

If you really believe that is possible and real, then you can begin act like it is real and possible to change what appears to be a desperate, a negligible, or an impossible situation. This is what we are asking you to believe without seeing. Not that you cannot see God nor the spiritual beings, but that you can't see a loving society, yet, one in which peace and love exist, you know that it is possible. This is what we are asking-you to believe without seeing. This is the true agondonter.

So you are free to choose what you want to see. They are both there and they are both real, yet one of then won't last. Thank you.

Steve; sounds like the type of advise we would want the master to give us if he were here right now. Your outlook for the future is reassuring and the cautionary words are profound, sounds like good advise for those of us who are somewhat apprehensive and fearful. Could you comment on the agencies who you mentioned would not allow us to destroy ourselves.

JarEl; I was speaking of the midwayers, and yes there are liaisons also. Michael is here. He is here as the Spirit of Truth. He is here as a whole personality. Now that the midwayer corp has been up stepped with the reinstatement and recommissioned reconditioned rebel midwayers, it is hoped that a significant progress will shortly become obvious through the diligent and loyal, and very courageous work which this agency performs, not only for Urantia because they are guided through the dictates of Edentia and this world is also unique in that it is microscopically monitored by every imaginable celestial agency in the universe of Nebadon. It is because it is a decimal sphere and because it does not follow a proscribed administration, it is a tremendous opportunity for the celestial agencies to discover and manipulate and to hone skills which may be helpful on other worlds and in future times. Unlike you humans, who may see the overwhelming disadvantage to have been so unfortunate to be born on this sphere, we of the celestial realm view Urantia as a tremendous and unique opportunity to observe and to learn. We see the multiple variables contingent upon a well nurtured and well maintained rebellion attitude and how to interface and integrate the spiritual reality into the program of default and rebellion.

As I said, this world is meticulously and microscopically examined. So much so that it will be very difficult, short of 'divine intervention, which will allow the mortal inhabitants to completely annihilate the planet or destroy themselves. There are tremendous miscalculations, bad judgments and negligence on the part of the superior authorities on the planet, non the less, there are tremendous dealings and goings on behind the scenes and network to help maintain the best possible negotiations and relationships with all of the various conflicts of interests and ideologies that are running rampant on the planet at this time.

Do not be afraid for your world that sometimes act as an errant child, and that child sometimes has to suffer the misfortunes of a fall or a break, an accident. In the spiritual world there are no accidents, and when you begin to shift your mind and your vision and begin to see the spiritual dimension over the physical dimension, you will make it much easier for others also to begin to see beyond the immediacy. I speak this specifically to any of you who entertain any doubt or consternation about the eventual complete interface of spirit mind into the animal systems here on Urantia.