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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Arcadia, California

Teachers:  JarEl

Benson, Greydolf, Andrew, Lucio, Michael, Nebadonia

Topic:  Grave Emergency

July 9, 2001

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be here tonight and to see all of your faces once again. It was very interesting to listen to all of you speak about contacting extra-terrestrials and travailing beyond the stars. This is something that I am already accustomed to. This is something that for me is already a fact, not fiction. Let me reassure you, this will be a fact for you very soon. The progression of this planet, although amazingly slow at times, is gradually increasing. More mortals are being attuned to the spiritual family. More are awakening everyday. More are beginning to realize their potential. As this continues more circuits shall be open. As it is there are many circuits now available for you. The more people who begin to awaken to this new reality of higher consciousness the more strength there will be in the world; the strength of love, the strength of God. It is essential that you apply yourselves to building this strength among your community, among your friends, your relatives and your colleagues. Be an encouragement to everyone in your life. Be a pillar of light that shows forth truth, beauty and goodness. The more effort you put into this mission the quicker the correcting time will pass. There is a lot of work I know, but with the strength of all of us, we can make this happen. This Teaching Mission and others just like this are truly the forerunners for this new correcting time that will usher us into the new era of light and life. You are very fortunate to witness a preview of this new era. Share this preview with your fellows and reassure them of better times, of happier days. Reassure them that this dark cloud which passes over your heads at the moment will soon pass, for it is only temporary and God's Love is eternal. I would like you to continue your practices tonight. I would like to hear from each and everyone of you. I know that you can transmit. I know that you can connect. So whoever would like to say anything, you are more than welcome.


Benson: TR, Steve. Greetings, this is Benson. We, your teachers, visitors of the spiritual realm are so thrilled by the recent dramatic progress made by the members of this group and other teaching groups throughout the world in increased communication ability. Have any of you noticed that certain individuals you make contact with from day to day have become more receptive, more hungry for spiritual truth? That is in part due to the restoration of the aforementioned circuits, but in addition much credit must be given to the prayers, efforts and desires of you, our human associates, in this grand and adventurous partnership for the betterment of Urantia. We truly acknowledge your love for us and we of course reciprocate with our intense fondness and love of you mortals. This especially in light of the fact that so many of us have never faced the intensive challenges and struggles that truth-seeking individuals on Urantia face. Which is due to the detrimental condition of this planet; due to the factors of the rebellion in your history, and the tragic default of our material sons, Adam and Eve. Who are now rehabilitated in service of this mission in liaison with the rehabilitated midwayers and in their wisdom are getting much, much closer to actual contact with some of you. It has been nearly two millennia and seven years since the beginning of Michael's material bestowal on your world. August 21, 2001 will mark the seventh anniversary following his two thousandth birthday. Indeed most of you have relatively recently begun to experience sessions of contact with Michael in private and in the group setting here of course. You know that he ministers individually to each of you when he appears to you in private. This is a testament to his great love for you and his ability to communicate simultaneously with as many individuals, mortals or angels, as wish to be contacted. Mortals and angels from this world and others alike, are now aiming for the same cause, which is to promote light and life on this world.

Unfortunately there are still too many mortals on this planet who do not want to go with the flow, do not wish to be a part of that agenda. Some of them are spiritually insane in their quest for material victory at the expense of everyone else. This is spiritual insanity. It is a type of spiritual psychosis and materialism is more a symptom of the illness than a valid quest. Give them control of the earth and they will want the moon. Give them that and they will want control of the solar system. Give them that and they will want control of a sector or even the universe. This was the tragic folly of Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and others in the rebellion. It is the same disease albeit on a grander scale. There is little that can be done except to pray for those individuals who refuse to see the light. To them it is worse than physical death, it is spiritual death, but things do change. There are individuals whose hearts have been turned around. In our world witness the recent rehabilitation of the now returning midwayers that had followed the iniquitous path of the leaders of the rebellion. They are more determined than ever before since their rehabilitation to aid in the correction of very, very serious problems caused by the disease of greed on this world. Problems that are so severe that if not stopped very soon, they threaten an ecological melt down, financial collapse and blood shed on this material world. We are petitioning as high up as to the Ancients of Days to allow us limited intervention to help prevent these tragedies from occurring. We do not know what the answer is but due to the extreme emergency of this situation and since this is the home planet of the Creator Son of Nebadon, we believe and hope that permission will be granted. I urge you all to prepare in your minds and hearts to spend time together. Set the time aside for a gathering, fellowship and celebration of the 2007th anniversary of Michael's bestowal next month. We expect that it will be a beautiful and reverent occasion for all of us. For now I will say farewell. Our love for you is in our hearts always


Lucio: TR, George. Good evening this is Lucio, George's personal teacher. I would like to echo Brother Benson's request; that you make yourselves more aware of the going-ons on your planet. I, like him, urge you, petition you to strive to change the direction that your planet is going. True, you here among your group are heading towards a more enlightened direction. However many leaders of your world are leading it towards a path of destruction and desolation. The majority of the peoples that are being led are very unaware of this happening. They are blinded by either your media, your politicians or by simply just not really caring what's going on. This is a great danger to many of you. For when you do petition those people, many of your petitions fall on deaf ears for they truly don't care. It is your job to make them aware of the importance of your message. At some point when you relay this message you will have to take that extra effort to educate them, not only about your message, but also about the history of the world. For many are not aware of the history of your world. It is somewhat true that history does repeat itself, but it only repeats itself when it is ignored, or when it is forgotten. Those who remember do not repeat it. Those who know it and are aware of it are the ones who strive for a better day, for a better tomorrow. As ambassadors it is imperative that you know your history. For in order to go into the future you must come from some sort of past. You can not start in the middle. There is always a beginning. Educate yourselves so that you may help those who do not know; so that you may guide those who need guidance; so that you may protect those that need protecting. It is good that you come here and commune amongst each other. It is good that you read The Urantia Book. It is good that you go into your quiet time and have a quiet chat with God. It is also good that you go out into the world into your community and you make yourself aware of how your community is functioning. And if it is not functioning correctly then you must help it to function correctly. If it is too much work for you to handle, get some help. Only together can you make changes in the spirit. It is very difficult to try to make a change by one voice. You need many voices in order to manifest your deepest desires, your highest ideals and your fondest wishes. Whenever you pray or wish for something, Father makes all the resources available for your wishes to be granted. But it is not only Him, it is also His angels, His midwayers, His teachers and all work together in harmony to manifest Father's desires, Father's wishes. In such a way you shall manifest your desires and your wishes, by networking, by gathering friends, families, colleagues and neighbors. By harmonizing with them you may mutually achieve a desired goal. In these times it is very easy to hide in your shell; separate yourself from the world; cocoon yourself within your own small community. Perhaps you do this to escape from the harsh reality that surrounds you, but this harsh reality is only a reality because it lacks the attention it requires. Until mortals begin to address the issues that are pertinent within their lives, things will remain the same. It is imperative that you face much of your problems. Gather strength among your peers, your family and your friends. Ask for help don't be afraid. Only then can you overcome many of the obstacles that life presents. Take full advantage of this Teaching Mission. Take full advantage of this resource. Take also full advantage of Father's love for you, for He will give you strength and encouragement. Don't be afraid of what's to come. There are still many obstacles within your lifetime. Focus on only one at a time. Don't take on too much responsibility but do be responsible for your life and for those around you. That is all for tonight. Thank you.


Graydolf: TR, Chris. Good evening, this is Graydolf, Chris's personal teacher. This TR has been greatly effected by the events of June 11th. He feels a deep connection, a personal connection with Michael and he feels that he has been getting bombarded with messages from Michael and myself. He can't always decipher where they are coming from. He doesn't have confidence that he can convey the messages clearly, he feels inadequate with words but he does feel overwhelmed with the love that has been poured upon him and he is inspired to take on what he calls a war with the United States government. He feels that Michael has given him a mission to have the people of this world work towards contact with extra-terrestrials and to unit us in one-world government. And he is totally aware of how insanely impossible this task is, but he remembers the words of Christ Michael, that his efforts and all of our efforts will be multiplied many times. We can work together to transform this world overnight and it is completely within possibility. The key is to have absolute faith. This TR feels that taking on the United States government is completely possible with celestial help and Teaching Mission backing and he see that the government and the leaders are basically immovable. So he is looking and being shown through quiet time how to get the message across, sneaking it in through the back door and going around the politicians. This world needs to be awakened and eventually with enough awakening our politicians will have to choose which side they're on. He is greatly inspired by Stella's book, her five years' effort and I say, and he said, and Christ Michael said that we all could do great things like this. And through our efforts, by reaching out, there is no limit to the changes we can make. There is nothing set in stone that says we have to wait two hundred years to contact aliens. Let's do it tomorrow. Let's do it within our lifetime. Let's take a giant leap for the human race. It's all faith in waking people up. So let's be loud and clear and change this world. That is all for now.


Benson: TR, Steve. One small step for mankind. One giant leap for the Universe. This is Benson, that was an attempt at cosmic humor, but just briefly it is literally true, literally the fate of the Universe of Nebadon is fully dependent upon the fate of this world. You see in order for the Universe of Nebadon to achieve light and life in totality, which from your point will be a measurable amount of time, your world must obtain light and life. No Universe can become completely whole until the world of the seventh bestowal of the Creator Son of the same Universe achieves that condition. That is all. I believe that Michael is here and perhaps wishes to speak. However this TR wishes to defer to another. If anyone here feels the urge to convey his words...

George: I will do so Brother Steve.


Michael: TR, George. My dear and beautiful children it is great to be here with you tonight. Indeed you will be the crowning jewel of my humble universe. Indeed you will be the promise in space. For you are the least of my children and yet you shall be the greatest. It gives me a great amount of pleasure to witness your humble but loyal meetings. For it is an honest attempt among you to achieve that divine perfection that you each hold within you. It is this honest attempt on your part that I truly admire. For it symbolizes that you are truly my children. I am very much aware of what goes on in Urantia. And true, at times I am sad. For it can greatly improve in some ways. Continue to be the light that you are. Continue to shine so brightly for my sake and for the sake of the Father in heaven. This light that you exhibit shall be essential for the advancement of this planet. Do not feel yourselves fruitless or insignificant, for truly you are not. In my eyes you are great. In my eyes you are great. You are my children. I am your brother. You are all here tonight to witness this miracle within your hearts, within your presence. You are here to witness this great event that will be talked about for generations to come. In the coming months the culmination of all efforts will give fruit. You will see a drastic change in human consciousness. The mission, which I have commissioned, has truly had a great effect within the world of Urantia. It has helped many of you here tonight and will help many of those who are to come. Don't be afraid to let people know about this mission. I welcome more candidates, more students. In fact I welcome all, but I understand the reality. So therefore I do appreciate those who are here tonight, for you truly make the effort necessary to continue this mission forward. I welcome any of you to talk to me, in private. I will listen and I will speak to you. Continue as you are. Be good to one another and receive my blessings and the blessings of the Father and the Eternal Spirit. For what you do here tonight and what you do after will greatly effect the coming generations. You are truly part of a great event. Thank you so much. I love you all, your Father, Brother, Michael.


Andrew: TR, Larry. This is Andrew. Thank you Michael. Let us all stand and hold hands and give a prayer of thanksgiving to complete this evening. Lets form a circle together. Father thank you for this blessing, we love you so very much. We love our brothers and sisters and our unseen brothers and sisters. Thank you Michael for your message. Thank you for the message of the Teaching Mission. Thank you so very much.

Michael: TR, George. You are very welcome.


Nebadonia: TR, Nel. Children just rejoice, take these beautiful messages with you tonight. Be not discouraged. Be faithful. Talk to Michael, talk to your Father and the answers will come in how you personally can serve. You are all wonderful children, very much loved and cared for. Many angels are watching over you, are with you and care deeply for you. Good night dear children. Take our love with you and be strong. Good night.

Arcadia Teaching Mission Group:

Our Father who is in heaven.

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done.

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever.