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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Arcadia, California

JarEl:  Urantia Receiving Great Spiritual Pressure To ChangeMichael:  Do Not Worry About The State Of The WorldAugust 19, 2002

Steve: Dear Father thank you for our joining together this evening to celebrate the birthday of Michael (Wednesday, August 21, 2002). We really could use him and his guidance down here right now with all of the manifest tensions and the very aggressive and frightening situations going on in the world. We pray that our communications tonight and our meditations may join for the good of this world. Indeed may the day come when our leaders will say “God bless Urantia,” not just “God bless our nation.” Thank you for sending us the gift of your precious son Michael and his blessed presence here among our group. Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you, Steve, for that beautiful prayer. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again gather around among loved ones and also to see those who are here for the first time. Again you reunite and today it is a special occasion to celebrate the birth of Michael. Indeed he was a gift to this planet, a light that was given to the dark and confused world. This was so because he wanted it that way. He himself picked this planet out of thousands of other planets. So indeed God blesses Urantia and your brother/father Michael also blesses Urantia and he watches over it and he cares for it and he loves it with all of his heart.

Perhaps living on this confused and tattered world, where life is so hard and difficult, can obscure the fact that indeed you are fortunate to pass through such a trying world as Urantia. You are fortunate in the ways that you are being tested, tremendously and most vigorously. Some of you will have to pass through very difficult tests. I assure you that through it all you will persevere and you will prove yourself worthy in everlasting life on the career path to the true source and center, which is Father. Never again will you be tested so tremendously. Never again shall you pass through so much pain and anger. So hold fast to your virtues and your faith, let these be your anchor in this turbulent world. Let them guide you through the darkness and let them save you for all eternity.

You are fortunate and the whole Universe loves you, they are all watching and praying for you. They know that Urantia will one day bloom to a bright star, a bright promise. You are the pioneers that have initiated this new movement of progression into Light and Life. In your wake there shall be thousands who follow and behind them, millions.

This is a new reality that shall be initiated on Urantia, a reality of well wishers, of light givers. They have been present on Urantia and now at this stage are beginning to mobilize and to create actual change on the planet. What you see happening in the World is only the result of the tremendous spiritual pressure that is being applied to your World. A pressure that is demanding change and what appears is that those who do not want a change, fight even harder and their actions are more observable to others. Do not worry for these events shall not last and the pressure and the love that you send out to the World shall come to fruition and bring hope to all the World and all its people. Continue with your love, with your life, with your giving, for this all has effect and causes change for the better.

Michael: TR, George. Hello my children, it is I, your Father/brother Michael. I welcome you all into my heart and I bring you into my arms. Thank you for remembering my birth here on Urantia. I hope your traditions may keep my memory alive in your hearts and in your minds. When you all gather together with love in your hearts I shall always be here, just as I am here now in your presence in your home. You are all special to me, you are my little children who are peace makers. You bring love in your hearts and tenderness in your hands and in your touch in such a way that I want to touch you in your hearts. I am the light and you are all light givers. You shine, you do not hide your light from others but allow it to be seen by all.

Do not worry, about the state of the world, these things happen, they shall always happen until an age when man can reason with his heart and with others. Know full well if the world shall come to an end, all its fields destroyed, all the life burnt and buried, you shall still have life, you shall survive. But of course I will not let that happen to my Urantia. So don’t fall into the idea that the world is coming to an end and don’t only be content at saving yourself. The world will not come to an end and there is a whole world out there that needs your help and your love. So continue in your ways with patience as you are true representatives of me, of my life here. I shall always hold you in high esteem. Do not cry in your hearts with the thought that you are not worthy. For I am here to tell you that you are worthy, you have earned my respect and my love. Go in peace my children and remember that I love you, good night.

All: Goodnight Michael, we love you too. Happy birthday. Thank you for gracing our world with your presence.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, are there any other teachers that would like to speak tonight?

Stella: I have a question, there have been a lot of crop circles in England and apparently they are appearing daily, is there any way of finding out what these mean? Are these a message from another planet? I think somehow we should know what these messages mean.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Stella there is always a way to find out and certainly if you investigate more deeply into this matter, you will find your answers. Your brethren from other planets would like you to get the message.

Stella: But we don’t understand what they are telling us?

JarEl: TR, George. The same thing that I have been telling you. The same thing that Michael tells you. The same thing that the living presence of God tells you. You are all brothers and sisters, you are all connected spiritually. You are so connected that you do not even know how much you are spiritually connected with each other. It hurts them to see you fight among each other. They are your brothers, just like I am your brother and they want more than anything for you to stop the violence. They try to appeal to the highest minds on this planet, hopefully they will get the message.

Stella: But the highest minds are not in our government, unfortunately.

JarEl: TR, George. There are many intelligent people on this planet who are aware of these crop circles and have deciphered their meaning, for some reason this has been kept hidden from the public, but if it is your will to find the answers behind these, you shall certainly find your own truth Stella. Are there any other questions?

Donna: JarEl, I have a request from Lucille, who could not be here tonight, because she is attending her adult daughter in Mereno Valley. Lucille asked me to ask you: if you have any advice for her, any words of wisdom about how she can deal with the problems that are facing her now in her extended family?

JarEl: TR, George. Lucille you must have patience with your daughter. Try to understand her mind and where she is coming from. Be aware of every action and every word that is exhibited and make sure that it is always laced with love and tenderness. If you are have a difficult time, this will surely help. Above all remember that you have much guidance, support and love from all of us.

Donna: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any other questions or comments?

Nel: Thank you for your teaching tonight and thank you for your coming to our group. You help us and continue to help us.

JarEl: TR, George. You are more than welcome and I want to thank all of you for being here and dedicating your lives to truth, beauty and goodness. Michael appreciates all that you have done. Until next time, I bid you good night.

All: Thank you JarEl, good night.