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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia, California

Teacher: JarEl

Topic: Giving Thanks

November 17, 2003

Prayers: Donna: Dear Heavenly Father thank you for our gathering here tonight. We love our spiritual brothers and sisters and we love you. We love this opportunity to listen to the teachers and to hear what they have to tell us and what they have to teach us. Please open our hearts and minds to receive that which you would have us receive, in Michael’s name we pray, amen.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Greetings to you my friends, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be here this evening, to come to you through a familiar voice. Tonight let us give thanks. There is much to be thankful for. Tonight I am not interested in the listing of thanks as I am in the human heart aspects of thanks as a way of worship and ministry. The whole world would open on a note of thanks. Hearts would mend all over the world with a word of thanks.

It is important in a spiritual context to recognize all the small crumbs of real effort everyone puts out in their daily lives just to complete their daily human tasks; their inter-association with their families, their loved ones, their work, their business; thanks that everyone takes for granted. Something many forget to acknowledge in search for more dramatic praise and dramatic raise (?) and all the while the daily rudimental mechanism of life gets trudged on and worn down to peat gravel, sand-sized particles of spiritual reality. It is easy in the human arena to criticize behavior and to judge a person unworthy by their behavior, but in the spiritual arena it is much more important to recognize, not so much the blundering errors of behavior, as it is the small manipulative steps of behavior, the daily unnoticed things that people do; unspoken; unheeded.

Let us give thanks for our humanness. Let us give thanks for that omnipotence of God who qualified himself and created this stage of reality for the express purpose of indwelling us lowly creatures of time; that God could actually experience human conflict, human confusion, human doubt and frustration and fear; and slowly guide an amorist consciousness into some vestige of form; some spiritual attainment through the simple aggregate of daily toil. Much like an oyster takes a piece of sand and through constant gestation, grows this piece of sand into a valuable thing of blustering beauty of translucence and transcendence. It is not necessarily the great concepts that move man is what I am saying, thankful for those also. It is the unseen and unspoken things that most human beings take responsibility for, that is what I’m talking about. A lot of this is taken for granted and not acknowledged. In your world, your world view, it is good to pay tribute to this.

There is more of God’s work in those small moments in the mortar of human daily activities which mortars those more profound human granite blocks of achievement; social achievement, generational achievement, occupational achievement. These things cannot stand alone. It would fall and crumble if it were not for the daily effort and toil and care which goes into maintaining who we are as a human species; our bodies, our genetics, our families and all of the municipal utilities that go to maintain a civilized way of life in your country and in this world. People are nation builders and this is a good thing. This reflexes organization. Nation building will lead to one great nation in time. So thanks is an attitude of acceptance; acceptance of the generosity opportunity that constantly is bearing forth fruit in the daily lives of such a world on which we live.

The Father’s acceptance of thanks is his capacity to hold in love, in the trust of love, qualities of grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, longsuffering and graciousness. Love is a matrix of positive form. It is the matrix to which everything aligns itself and the Father accepts such a new forming and incomplete substance such as we find on this planet. God is thankful of the tremendous opportunity he finds in such a vital and vibrant confused, confounded and otherwise beautiful cumulates.

It goes without saying, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. How many people, who have traversed and cursed this world, would not in a moment’s notice accept passage to come back here? Knowing what they know now, the opportunity that exists, that is closed to them forever. I am speaking to the choir here, but to the peripheral audience, the people who may read this transcript, even years from now, I speak to them.

The great and solemn magnificence in Paradise dwells within each and every one of you. To glimpse, to taste, to access, to be conscious of and to hold forth in presence is such a task a human mind is called to witness this spiritual heritage. (I have to apologize it makes me to feel good to be in this mind again.) As you begin to hold forth in the presence of God, hold forth in an attitude of acceptance.

Thankfulness is really the ultimate in worship. The acknowledging of this great mystery in which we are all a part, the magnificent glory of some future time whose scent can be picked up even here and now, in this time, in this life, in this planet, on this world. This is what I’m talking about. It is so easy to lose sight, to disconnect, to forget who you are, to forget where you come from and where you are going.

There are so many unconscious souls around you who are waiting to be touched, just quite simply touched; acknowledged "How are you doing today - God truly does love you, no matter what you have done or will continue to do. Yes, he will help you if you are only willing to show the least amount of effort yourself and he has already forgiven you. When are you going to forgive yourself?" There are many, many sleeping survivors….many of them were still young. The ground on Urantia is some of the most fertile ground in the Universe of Nebadon. Go out and plant some seeds and give thanks to God. God is good, God is great and God is everywhere. Thank you for allowing me to present these thoughts to you tonight. Are there any questions?

Stella: I wonder what God will do with all of the trillions of experiences?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. So do I.  He may have something up his sleeve. No one in Paradise had any idea of what the Super-universes would bring, no one. Even today they are still not prepared for the Finaliters.

Lucille: Did you say that people would want to come back here? Is that what I understood you to say?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. You heard me correctly Lucille. Many people suffer the pains of missed opportunity….. if they could do it all over again…… you see these are the first lessons in the Mansion Worlds, i.e. to completely analyze what you did and did not accomplish when you had the opportunities presented to you.

Lucille: Don’t we get the same experiences or opportunities later too? I thought we had to……

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. You get them on the Mansion Worlds, that is correct, you don’t get them back on Urantia, no. There are opportunities that you can only get on Urantia. Especially in Agondonter status, these are opportunities that are quite valuable, because you cannot achieve Agondonter status on the Mansion Worlds, it is too late. You can only achieve it here. Agondonter status does not mean that you came from a planet such as this. Agondonter status means that you achieve that status on a planet such as this. There is a difference, many have come from this world but they have not achieved Agondonter status. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Donna: The status is for those who have believed without seeing, if I remember correctly?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. There you go. Perfect.

Donna: Thank you.

Stella: What happens to those who do not believe?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. They go forth. Sometimes people choose not to believe and eventually choose not to believe and eventually choose not to be.

Stella: So they won’t be Agondonters?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. No, Agondonters is only a qualified status; it is not the only status. There are many, many roads and paths to Paradise, but within the network of perfection in the Universes there is tremendous work to be done and tremendous opportunity for advancing. The Universe needs to tap all of its resources and Agondonter is a resource.

The three defaults of which this particular planet suffered, suffered these defaults primarily because the spiritual beings in charge had not sufficiently been tested, such was required for duty in this world. Had they been tested on a rebellion sphere their chances of default would have been lessened. Yet even so this world produced such as Van the stead-fast. There were many progenies from the material son and daughter who were also loyal and many of the Midwayers were loyal and still are. There are also many rehabilitated beings who have reconditioned into loyalty and there are you here who are loyal.

There is a great and tremendous future for this world. The great and tremendous future is not at some point, it is in the daily creating in the moment of now, that is the tremendous future. The decisions and acts of courage today are God’s consequence for tomorrow. The planet will benefit in the long run. It is very difficult to understand that no small act goes unnoticed, that it is all part of the aggregate which holds the spiritual context of this world. Take for example, you are in your car on the freeway and you make a gesture of kindness where you allow someone to move in front of you without reacting in an aggressive manner. All of a sudden that person is so thankful and can drive and feel OK about themselves that they might do something else for somebody else that day. If you would track it or could track it you may find that this may create a pattern of something that may move through two hundred and fifty years of life. That is profound, isn’t it? That one simple act can keep repeating itself. The concept is that these simple acts will begin to harmonize.

Right now most of these simple acts are still in the atomic stage, they are bombarding each other, but at some point, and even now, they are beginning to harmonize. It is a tremendous task, an intellectual/conceptual task to understand that we can all have different beliefs, come from different backgrounds, different genetic origins, eat different foods, have different forms of entertainment and still come together and work together for the betterment of mankind as a whole. That is still an extremely abstract concept in the human genetic consciousness. It is important to shed light into these concepts.

It is OK for all of us to be individual, to think differently, and even have different beliefs; different religions; different homes. At some point even if and when this world reaches Light and Life these beings, these humans will have to go to the Mansion Worlds and finally to the Constellations where here again you are going to meet beings who are completely unique and different from you, just as arrogant and self-righteous as you are, just as proud. Yet you will have to work together for something greater than yourself. The survival of the group, the survival of the group is much more important than the survival of the individual. The individual can only survive when the group can accept the individual. Think of what I’m saying. Are there any questions?

Stella: Then the individuals such as the children and the women and the men who are being exploited around the world almost like slaves, don’t count? They are individuals.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. The group counts. The family, the human race as a whole group counts. All the actions of an ideal world go to supporting all of the individuals in the group. Right now what you have on Urantia are not groups of individuals, you have groups of people surrounding an individual in power or in charge who is influencing every other individual how to think and what to do, in explicit conflict to what other groups of individuals are doing. So what you have is all of these groups fighting each other. Once the groups realize that the individual is not as important as the group, that the ego is not as important as God’s will, because God’s will is with the group, the planet and its inhabitants as a whole. True, God does indwell the individual for the express purpose to modify and transform that individual. In an ideal whole you can see this happening more and more. You are begin to get a sense of it on your world, especially in yourselves. This is why on a personal level of spirituality everything that you do is important. This is what I was speaking of in the lesson tonight. Every little thing that you do, things that you take for granted. Every breath that you take gives life an expression to God. Every thought that crosses the consciousness in your mind gives expression to God or in some instances holds you back from giving the proper expression at that moment. A lot of people are thinking negative, it is dysfunctional, and it’s not serving them. So it is not an understatement when I say that Urantia is the most fertile of soil for spiritual growth, for there is tremendous work to be done. Tremendous, tremendous opportunity for consciousness and in doing God’s will, you invariably learn who you are and who you are becoming. Because you become known for what you do and how you do it. Any other concerns?

Lucille: How do we know if we are doing God’s will?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Well, that is a very good question Lucille. That is like saying, how do we know that we are not doing God’s will? That is also a good statement isn’t it? If God has something specific for you to do, he will make it known to you. God’s will is not necessarily some grand edict that proceeds from some celestial palace. God’s will is inherent in the life form which was implanted on this world. It is in your genetics, you carry God’s will in your blood: the will to live, the will to love, the desire to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday, that is a large part of God’s will. And there are those of you who exhibit propensities for certain things that are needed in the spiritual sense, especially those of you who are receptive to the spiritual mode of operation. These things are revealed to you also.

This is all part of God’s will. God’s will is multi-level, multi-dimensional and it exists beyond time and space. It encompasses pre-birth as well as post-death. God’s will is this world and you on it with all the plants and animals and life as it is attaining itself are God’s will. Conflict resolution, negotiation and relationships are just as much a part of God’s will as changing personal negative habits in your life: learning how to be a better person, a better parent, a better lover, a better husband, a better wife, a better person in the work place. God’s will is also this small simple grain size aggregate that I was talking about that holds the big chunks of conscious achievements together, any other thoughts?

Larry: I have often thought or asked whether I was doing God’s will or not and just recently I have come to the understanding that God’s will is when we are being positive, when we are doing acts of love and doing things with a passion. When we treat every situation and do it in God’s love and we do it with passion and we really get excited about it, this is God’s will, we are moving forward. So it is really God’s will that we make choices, make decisions and then we follow through by our actions. Those actions are being positive, being loving, being kind and just being passionate about it. If you are doing that then you don’t have to worry what is God’s will because you are acting in the situation that you are in right now and you are just doing it out of love, you are doing it out of concern. You want to be a better person and you want to help people.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Exactly, God’s will can actually be a way of living. It can actually become second nature, you can actually own it, and you don’t have to question it. It is not important for you to dictate everyone’s behavior. They have someone inside of them dictating behavior. They are either listening or they are not listening. When you begin to listen and you are conscious you are doing God’s will because you are responding to God’s consciousness within you, are you not? This is exactly what Larry is saying. It does not necessarily have to be something as profound as a biblical revelation, "Take my people out of bondage and walk across the water into a foreign land and I will make thee green verdant pastoral pastures."

Donna: Love is the desire to do good to another.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. I think if you are really consternating on what’s God’s will then just have the guts to ask God what it is he wants of you and he will bring it to you. Then you can ask yourself, "am I doing what he has asked me to do or am I not."

Larry: Actually every decision we make is a part of God’s will, acting on what he is bringing to us and acting on the plan he has for us.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. It does come down to that, doesn’t it? You either choose to move forward………you see this is one of the doubtful confusing concepts which exist on a rebellious sphere, such as this. This is why the plan originally for the Princes’ staff to come down here was to settle into the culture and to propagate God’s will. So that at this stage of the game it would be way automatic, as a matter of fact it would already be the dawn age of Light and Life had the rebellion not happened. You have a lot of the technological achievements already necessary for Light and Life. You have not qualified yet with the human condition part. So it would have already been part of your heritage that you just would have accepted, it would not have been something that people would have gone around questioning. They are already in the active and service-oriented mode, that is how you live and that is how everyone lives. You don’t have people sabotaging your situations and things; confusing and confounding things and trying to cut people off and steal, rob and rape; plunder and confuse and destroy and arsonists. You would not have all of that. So as Agondonters, as those of you who have believed without seeing, it is more like what Larry has said, every decision you make, you are either consciously working with God’s plan or you are in some form working against it. It is not so important to judge, it will become obvious to you if you are working against it or you are working towards it. In general if you are working towards it, it becomes a little easier. If you are working against it……….God’s plan is not going to allow a lot of wrong doing to come into it. It is not going to bring a lot of evil into its patterning. It can’t because it has to resonate with love, like Donna was saying. Love is God’s matrix of existence in time and space. It is the pattern of reality, of spiritual reality, love. If you put it on a balance scale and does not match some love quotient, you can’t sell it as God’s will. You just can’t, can you? It has to have some love quotient, some portion of love. That is the gold standard: LOVE. God does not take the federal reserve notes, he takes the Gold Standard, he takes the real thing. God wants the love, the thankfulness, the acknowledgment, the forgiveness. He wants the forgiving of yourself. He is not asking you to run all over the world, is he? There is enough right where you are standing. There is enough to do. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you again, have a pleasant and wonderful Thanksgiving.

All: Thank you JarEl.