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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia California

Teacher; JarEl

Topic: An Unhappy Present; A Hopeful Future

January 5, 2004

Prayer: Donna: Dear Heavenly Father thank you for this evening. Thank you for our gathering, we are happy to be here, we are happy that the New Year has begun and we ask for your help, guidance and blessings throughout this year as always. Please help our minds and our hearts to attune to what you have to tell us and what you have to teach us through the teachers who you have sent to us. Again thank you for every thing, in Jesus’ name; in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, Stella. Good evening, this is JarEl. I welcome you to the first meeting of the New Year. Unfortunately the coming year will be an unhappy year for many, however, there is a bright side to all grief. Many of you have known grief in the past. Let me reassure you, these moments of grief will not last. There is a bright and shining world waiting for you when your time has come to leave this world. Many of you are sorely troubled at the chaos that you see about you, this too shall pass. We are working hard on the other side to bring about peace to your troubled world. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we do not.

This time, as you know, is a cleaning-out process. There is much that needs to be cleaned out before the pure radiance of God’s energy can flow into many troubled minds. We are exceedingly sad and sorry to see your world, that was launched with such promise, to reach this state of being. There are many greedy people in the world. They have had the choice to go one way or the other, to do God’s will or not. They will be very sorry when they reach the other side and realize what problems they caused. But they too shall pass and a new and enlightened being will take their place.

These beings are being born now and are improving in God’s Love and in Christ’s Love. Their innate instincts will be to bring about a world of peace and love, they shall succeed in doing so. So be not discouraged at what you see. As I said there will be more problems ahead this year but all evil shall destroy itself, and this is being done by those in charge.

Some of you who are young will get to see the beginning of a bright new world. Many of you who are elderly will only see this from your viewpoint on the Mansion Worlds. Let us assure you, these Mansion Worlds are glorious. You will not believe what you see but it is so. Christ Michael sends his love and his care for your well being. You are well protected, we see to that and we try to help others. Those who die, whether in war or by earthquakes, are immediately consoled by the myriad of angels who are there to receive them, who are delighted to find that they are still alive! And the horrors they went through can no longer touch them.

They are very grateful to their God, some who call him Allah and the Christians: God or Lord. He is the same, no matter what the name. You are under the loving care of a merciful God. It may seem a very cruel world, in some ways it is, but the alternative on the Mansion Worlds is what you would call Paradise. Although it really is not Paradise as yet, that you will see in some far distant future, if you choose to go on. The choice is yours, many will choose life eternal, some do not. For which we sorrow for them, because they do not realize the ultimate rewards that are theirs. We love each and every one of you and we pray for your well being and we also intercede if we see that you are in danger.

We love you and are grateful that you care enough in the Teaching Mission to lend your aid whenever you are asked. We thank you Stella for stepping in the last minute. We wish you would meditate and seek to contact us more often, but we see you are busy and understand. We love you and we love all of you. Let us reassure all of you that you are loved more than you can possibly understand. We share your grief, we share your joy. We shall unite in some distant future. Now if there are any questions, I will try to answer.

Larry: Can you tell us anymore about the coming of the Magisterial Son; Monjoronson?

JarEl: TR, Stella. Another Material Son (?) will not come as soon as you may think. He will come perhaps in a century or two. The world is to chaotic now for this son to arrive. There must be a certain degree of peace and harmony for another Material Son to be welcome. The thinking of many mortals is not conducive at the moment for such a being to arrive. However, plans are in the works when that time will come, but not as soon as you hope.

Lucille: JarEl is there anything that we can do as individuals to influence our government for peace, not war?

JarEl: TR, Stella. We felt that this Iraq war was totally unnecessary. It could have been resolved peacefully. As for your question, what can you do? You can all contact your government people and tell them exactly how you feel. They do listen, they do read and this will be one way to stop your world from going into these horrendous wars. Get busy and write all and urge an end to the war and to a peaceful solution. We regret the unnecessary deaths that have occurred because it has deprived many people of the right to experience life. Many brilliant lives have been cut short unnecessarily. As I said before they are being taken care of, but in order to stop this you must get active and work to end these wars by influencing your legislators.

Are there any other questions? If not, I bid you good night. I think the next time we meet, the topic will be forgiveness. Forgiveness is something that is deeply necessary to bring about a peaceful world. Good night.

All: Good night, thank you JarEl.