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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Arcadia, California

Teacher:  JarEl

It Takes Courageous Heart to Accept the Father Challenges

June 21, 2004


JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is indeed a pleasure, once again, to be in the company of my dear friends. At the present state of your world you currently find yourselves in the process of the Correcting Time. There are many areas that are being rearranged as we speak. Much that was incorrect is being corrected and much that is evil is being done away with. However, that does not mean that you should simply wait by the side and allow the Correcting Time to happen without you. You are a very crucial and integral part of this process. Your ever watchful eyes insure that the Correcting Time runs smoothly. If it was not for people like you who are very grounded in your spirituality, history and understand the connection between religion, science and philosophy, the Correcting Time would be derailed. For there are still certain factions who would like to revert to an earlier way of thinking.

All of you here in this room understand that in order for this Correcting Time and the Age of Light and Life to arrive we must always be progressive; we must always be moving forward. We take what is good and we discard that which is obsolete. You live in an age of progressive thinkers and these progressive minds once united can make tremendous change in this world. As I look down on this room I am very proud of each of you and your accomplishments. Not too long ago I encouraged all of you to create change in your world and many of you took this mission to heart and in your own way have developed interesting and creative opportunities. Now these opportunities are creating fruit which many are participating in. Thank you for your effort and your absolute valor to take on this challenge.

In your world you categorize certain people who go off to war as heroes. I categorize all of you in this room as heroes, for what you do in this world is truly heroic, in more ways than one. One day in the history of your world people like you will be recognized for the valiant effort which you put forth. It is unfortunate that at this moment your efforts are overlooked. It is not for fame or glory that you are doing what you are doing, and all of your efforts are being recognized somewhere, be assured of that.

It takes a truly courageous heart to accept the challenges of the Father. The challenges He gives are there for a reason: to mold us, to chisels us and to make us stronger. It is a coward who shies away from these challenges and creeps back to his comfortable un-challenging space. It is the courageous of heart who steps out into the storm of change and opportunity and confronts every single challenge that is thrown at him or her. It is the truly brave of heart who does not hide behind secured fences or gated communities and integrates himself with the world society and looks for opportunities or needs that people may have. It is the courageous of heart who shun isolationism and truly become citizens of Urantia. How else can you effect change if not by integrating yourself with other Urantians?

For those who are going forth to the international convention of the Parliament of World Religions I give you my blessings and send you off with my sincere and deep heart-felt feelings. For what you do is of great value for all those in this room and for those to come. You go forth to represent a new way of thinking; you represent a new and enlightened opportunity for all peoples of Urantia. Remain open-minded and remain strong in your conviction. Remember that most religions started off as a light of truth and of God, but at some point in their history they became isolated and they created a crystallization of their ideas into dogmas and therefore could not move forward.

You are being sent to move forward. You are being sent to encourage others to move forward. Do not be confrontational, for that does not encourage anyone to move forward.

Confrontation only creates anger and it frightens those that you are confronting back behind their wall and once you have them behind their wall you will never reach them. Follow the teaching of Michael and try to adapt his way of doing things to your own. When you are in doubt ask for his help and he will speak for you. Do not be afraid, for what you do is good. Whatever may come remember you have put your mark on the history of Urantian spirituality and you shall ever be known as the representatives who ushered in the beginning of the Age of Light and Life. So go forward with a warm heart and be proud of who you represent and who you speak for.

Do any of you have any questions?

Stella: There is so much barbarism in the world today, it seems that it is such a formidable task. How can you change the minds of people who are so intent on destroying, killing and torturing? It seems impossible. Is there anything that we can do? We are all trying in our own way. The task is worldwide, I wonder how we can do it?

JarEl: TR, George. You can do it and if you begin to believe you cannot Stella, then it will not be done. You have to remain positive. The barbarism that you see is only a small percentage of who the people of Urantia are. It is only magnified because there is attention called to it. Rarely do you see the barbarism of your own government.

Stella: I see it.

JarEl: TR, George. Much of it is kept in secret and the consequences of it’s barbarism is seen through the reaction of more barbarism by other people and that is what you see. You must see the bigger picture and understand the entire scheme of things in order to understand the way your world works. Regardless of whether you understand it or not, understand this: if you continue to project a positive and hopeful demeanor you will, in turn, affect others to have the same attitude you have and this will change the world. Such a small act can change the world and create miracles. You can negatively affect this room, you can also change it in a positive way.

I truly sympathize with your thinking Stella, I understand how you see that the world is still very much imperfect. However, from my vantage point I see that it is getting much better, things are getting better and better. From our vantage point we see a huge improvement in the world. And with all of you here moving forward and some of you moving towards Barcelona to represent Michael we see things increasingly improving by the minute. So be of good cheer. For your world is improving Stella and you will live to see change happen in this world.

Stella: Thank you. I am sort of worried, I am trying to get a book of hope out and not too much action is taking place and I worry that I won’t get it finished before I die. I am glad that I will live long enough to accomplish it.

JarEl: TR, George. There is much help on your side Stella, in the same way that all of you in this room are being helped in various ways. It would be kind of you if you would acknowledge your celestial helpers from time to time. For they do much work for you without much reward. The reward that they receive is greater than any reward that you might receive here on earth. That reward, is knowing that they have served someone, a son or daughter of God. If you begin to look at your service in such a way you will find much reward at the end of it all. There is great fulfillment in serving one another. There is no shame in humbling yourself in order to serve a fellow Urantian.

Are there any more questions?

Stella: I would like to thank you for your encouragement. You see much farther than we do. From our viewpoint it can get very discouraging.

Lucille: JarEl, I want to thank you for your wonderful messages. It does so much for me to be encouraged by your message to know that we have the love of God at all times.

JarEl: TR, George. You are truly welcome and I find much fulfillment in bringing you these words. When you get to be my age….

Lucille: How old are you?

JarEl: TR, George. That is irrelevant, when you get to be my age you get used to having a positive attitude. For you see how things, in the end always work out and I have had much experience on how God works. I know that what you see in your world is only temporary. There is great change on the horizon. From your point of view you may feel that the world is not changing but I know that it is truly changing. The hope that I see is that there are people like you who are initiating this change. There are highly intellectual and enlightened individual human beings such as yourself who are towing the rest of humanity towards the Age of Light and Life. That is truly, truly reassuring to me and all of my colleagues up here. For we see the struggles and valor that you put forward.

We see the results, for behind you leave a wake of change that is affecting the entire world as we speak. The only reason that you do not see this is because you are in the forefront. You are in the front line that is moving forward and plowing its way through the chaos, but if you would stop and slightly turn and look back you would see how much you have grown and how much those around you have grown because of you. But you are too busy right now moving forward. I understand why you will not look back. I encourage you to move forward with all of your might and all of your strength. If you ever need to stop and rest, by all means do so because you deserve it. And that is what I see.

We are very encouraged by this fact. We have no doubt that the Age of Light and Life is coming. In fact we look forward to it. Thank you all and good night.

All: Good night JarEl.


– Dear Father, thank you for this day and thank you for this gathering. We love you very much Father and we are so grateful for all the blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us. We are so grateful for the plan that you have for each of us and the world. We are so grateful for this Correcting Time and for allowing us to be a part of it. Thank you so very much. We love our Creator Son Michael and our Universe Mother Spirit Nebadonia and all the Spiritual Helpers, the Angels and the Teachers, bless them and bless the Correcting Time, in Michael’s name, amen.–