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JarEl - Struggles & Challenges Creates Strength - Jun 27, 2005 - Arcadia, CA

Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, June 27, 2005, 8:00 pm

Struggles & Challenges Create Strength

Arcadia, California

Donna: Dearest Father thank you for this gathering here tonight. We are waiting to hear from JarEl, one of your teachers, we thank you for the teachers that you send us. We thank you for The Urantia Book. We thank you most of all for Michael, your son who we love. Please guide us to do Your Will Father and open our spiritual eyes and ears to hear and see that which you would have us hear and see, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. No one ever said that life would be easy for you. In fact the challenges that are worth while are very difficult. There is a lot to overcome, a lot to go through in order to come to the other side stronger, revived and energized to carry on. As most things in life, challenges will always be there. They shall never cease, you shall learn to adapt and adjust to these challenges. All of this is to the glory of God. For He sees His children struggling and at the same time He sees you in all of your glory in some future time when you have gone through all your struggles through all of these years and have perfected yourself to become perfect as the Father. At the end of it all you will be grateful and thankful that you had such tremendous challenges in your life to shape and form you, to make you who you are. At this moment it is very hard for you to understand why you have to go through such difficulty and sometimes heart-breaking challenges. If you see all things as eternal, if you look around and realize that all of your brothers and sisters that surround you shall live forever, if you believe, then that should relieve your anxiety and frustrations and put your worries to rest.

I remember when I was mortal, even though I believed some things I still doubted in my mind, I still worried if it would come true. It was very difficult for me to believe what others told me to be true. It was not until I passed from the mortal state to the Morontia state that I realized that much of what I was raised to believe was true. Many of the anxieties that I had over life and death no longer mattered in the new reality of the Morontia Realm. My old thinking was washed away with my flesh and when I was born again and resurrected into this new and better life I was overjoyed with happiness. For I no longer feared the unknown, I no longer dreaded living another hour. I saw every day as an opportunity to grow, to live and to cherish every moment and I have from that day forward. I know that everyone of you has the same potential.

You are all children of God. You are all destined to one day join Him if you so choose. God exists in your life at this moment; God can bring you health, life and happiness. God will expand your mind with truth, beauty and goodness if you choose to connect. God can be real to you, it is your choice.

Are there any questions?

Stella: I would like to know if we still have to go through these struggles on the other side or are they different struggles?

JarEl: TR, George. For the most part they are different struggles. New lessons to learn, new attitudes to acquire, but if you have gone through this life and have not learned a thing, then the challenges and struggles that you will face on the other side will be somewhat similar to the lessons not learned here. By all means every challenge that you will face will be very different, much more complex. These are all meant to make you grow, make you think and make you feel. If you did not have any of these challenges in your life you would be spiritually dead. Quite frankly you would not have anything worthwhile to live for. For you had never grown, you had never felt anything, but the moment you choose to face your life, that is the moment that you become alive.

Lucille: JarEl, what kind of challenges will there be?

JarEl: TR, George. Lucille, since you will have a higher brain capacity, the challenges that you face will be more complex, more thought-provoking and more challenging. Here on this planet there are restraints on giving you more than you can handle. There are less restraints on the other side.

Lucille: So we will have greater ability to handle these challenges, is that what you are saying?

JarEl: TR, George. Your ability will evolve as you face these challenges. Never fear, we have no doubt that you shall be able to face these challenges and go forward. So in the same spirit welcome the challenges that you face here on this planet, for they will make you stronger.

Lucille: Will my Thought Adjuster be stronger?

JarEl: TR, George. Your Thought Adjuster has always been strong since day one. It is your connection with the True Source and Center that needs work. It is you who will be stronger, it is you who will have a stronger connection. Your Thought Adjuster shall always be there and the more you connect with him the stronger you will be.

Stella: Is there any rest between challenges on the other side? Or is it one onslaught after another, like it is here?

JarEl: TR, George. There is plenty of rest, there is plenty of leisure. It is those who are enthusiastic about their lives who choose to meet one challenge after another, who choose to go forward forever. It is your surrender in giving yourself over to the Will of God which allows you to grow and to complete that connection that has always been there.

Anna: Do celestial beings reside on the Sun?

JarEl: TR, George. There are Scientists that study your Sun and many other stars. Celestial beings can remain very close by, for they are not effected by the heat or by the light and radiation. This you will find out as you move forward. There are many things around you at this moment that you have no idea about that are studied by many Scientists, Spiritual Scientists if you will. Nonetheless everything around you is of much interest to them. One day you will realize how important your life here on this planet is. You will come to appreciate your experience.

Anna: JarEl, I feel like I have prepared my body with a proper diet and I have gotten rid of the hatred and anger that I have had many years with my Mom. I want to know why I have not been healed yet of the virus that I have? I would like some direction from you as to whether to go ahead with the chemical therapy that they offer to kill this virus? I don’t know if it will kill me anyway? Or should I just continue on believing and having faith and trusting God to heal me?

JarEl: TR, George. There is still much work for you to do. There is still more that you need to learn. Forgiving another person is a great step towards healing. Forgiving yourself is a greater step. There is much confusion in your mind. I feel that you are lost in your thoughts and your fears. Allow this fear to subside and whatever decision you may make, make it with a clear thought and a clear mind and leave the fear behind for it does you no good. Help is at your grasp. Being completely cured is at your grasp. Believe and you will be healed. As to what decision you should make, follow your heart Anna. It will guide you to the right place, to the right person. Do not be afraid, for whatever may come you will always be no matter what. There are many here in this room who have lost loved ones, who long for them but believe that they will see them once again. There is still much work for you to do here on this planet, your time here is not done. So carry on sister and continue to go forward with your struggles and this great challenge that you find yourself facing. You have come a long way and your strength shows through. Allow the fear to subside and you will be that much stronger.

Anna: I don’t know how to allow the fear to subside.

JarEl: TR, George. That is when you ask for strength. That is when you reach out to the True Source and Center, for He will give you strength no matter what. He will bring life into your life. He will bring health into your body. Reach out towards the Father and bring his love into your life and let the fear go, for it does you no good. Do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. If you repeat that to yourself Anna: there is nothing to fear, you will soon find yourself afraid of nothing, not even your illness will scare you. You are very brave, reach out and bring the Father into your life and He will take the fear away.

Anna: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you. This is for all of you as well. Every single challenge that you find yourself in at this moment will remain a struggle until you learn to adapt and to bring the Father in so that He may guide until ultimately His Will be done. Sometimes it requires your surrender. It requires His Will to be your will. Every time things will begin to go your way once you begin to do this. Do not fight when it is not necessary to fight. Do not struggle against when struggle is not needed. Allow the Father to fill up your life and your heart and allow His energy so that you may be the instrument of His Word and bring truth, beauty and goodness into this planet. That is all for tonight, good night.

All: Good night.