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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Arcadia, California, U. S. A.

Monday, October 31, 2005, 8:00 pm

Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek, JarEl

Transmitter/Receiver: Stella Religa


  1. Michael is pleased with our progress.
  2. Positive harbingers of the future.
  3. Tolerance, love and forgiveness.

Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you so much for this group here gathered. Thank you for our willingness and our eagerness to hear the words for whichever teacher you send. Thank you for our many blessings and we ask to hear whatever good news there is, because we do pray for peace in the world, in Michael’s name, amen.

Stella: TR, Machiventa Melchizedek. This is Melchizedek, we send greetings from our Father Michael. We so enjoyed visiting with you, to hear what you are saying and we are very pleased with your progress. We wish to thank you for your continuous interest and attention to our messages. This time we have great news; Michael is on this planet again. He is here to observe the state of the world and to see what progress is being made with the Teaching Mission. We are pleased that our message from Michael is reaching many people, many more than you can fathom. This is a great source of puzzlement to many people because they have been taught the erroneous belief that Revelation only began and ended years ago, this is no longer true.

We wish to contact as many people as possible, in this way people can no longer go back to just one prophet for there are thousands in the making. These people who have received contacts will in turn go out and preach a new gospel of love and tolerance to all those who are different than they are. It is only through this way of reaching as many people as possible, that we can unite the world in true brotherhood, love and understanding. Although you see much chaos in your poor, unenlightened world this will change. We see people coming to the understanding that war is no longer the answer and is no longer to be tolerated.

These farseeing people will change this planet in more ways than you can believe. They are true harbingers of the future. They are very interested in changing this world. They are being born, you have seen many of them; dedicated, energetic, intelligent young people who will take charge of the world’s destiny. So be not dismayed on what you see; what you see as extreme poverty, extreme hunger and homelessness, all this will change. You will begin to see a world somewhat more Mansion-world like. This is a harbinger of the future. We thank each and everyone of you. We thank you for your constant attention. We love you and we will see to it that whatever you try to do will be successful. Be not dismayed and you will get your own answers through prayer and meditation, Machiventa Melchizedek.

JarEl: TR, Stella. It is good to be with you again my dear beloved group of friends. I, too, admire your loyalty and attention to your personal dealings with the world. I am here to help you as much as I can, although it may seem that your prayers are not being answered. They are, but in a way that may seem strange to you but eventually you will see the reason why your lives are on the path that they are on. We ask you again, and we know you will follow through, to love one another and seek to project this into your daily ways of living. We have no problems with this group and only wish that there were more of you in this particular group, but we see that it is growing.

We came to teach tolerance, love and forgiveness. These ideas are well-rooted in your consciousness and you are all doing admirable jobs. We pray for your success and are with you always. As Christ Michael says "be of good cheer." You are greatly loved by all of us who are with you today and everyday. Call upon us and we will respond. Good night.