Teaching Mission Pamphlets

1. What Is A Revelation?

2. What is The Urantia Book?

3. What is the “Correcting Time?”

4. Who Are The Teachers?

5. What Do The Teachers Say About The URANTIA Book?

6. What is the Teaching Mission?

7. Stillness: Purpose & Practice

8. How Is It Possible To Communicate With Celestial Teachers?

9. How Reliable Are Transmitter/Receivers (T/R’s)?

10. S-FOLLETOS Traducción al Español

1. What Is A Revelation?

Revelation: A Definition.

Revelation is a personal insight or understanding not previously grasped or thought to exist before the moment of revelation. New knowledge and truth becomes known to a person through the mind or spiritual process that opens to view some unsuspected relationships of fact and truth about the material world, a person, or of God. Revelation is usually considered to be a religious experience, but it is a natural process that works wherever mind works whether in secular or religious thinking. Self-revelation requires only the presence of mind to determine the truth of experienced facts. However when both the mind and some spiritual agency work together to determine new facts and concepts, two other types of revelation come into existence: auto-revelation and epochal revelation.


What is auto-revelation?


Auto-revelation comes from the God within, which most religions recognize as: Inner Light, Thought Adjuster, Spirit Guide, Inner Pilot, Mystery Monitor and many more. It can also be mindal contact between a celestial being and a mortal being, if the mortal mind allows this contact. The prophets and seers of old were probably participants in personal revelation. Some scientists may also have relied upon auto-revelation to understand the nature of life and the arrangement of the cosmos. Certain cultural developments in the ancient past which affected entire civilizations started with the thinking and the auto-revelation of some outstanding individuals.


What are Epochal Revelations?


Periodically during the evolutionary development of an inhabited planet, new insight is needed for illumination by divine personages, to break stagnation and stimulate progression, to reconnect man and God, to advance civilization, to uplift dogma, to advance mores, to provide correction, to allow for the absorption of new knowledge. Celestial Teachers have mentioned that each evolutionary planet at one time or another receives a record of its precise history of the eras that remain unrecorded by its inhabitants due to their inability to keep written and lasting records.


What are the epochal revelations of our world?


Our world, which the universe administrators call "Urantia," has had five revelations of epochal significance:

1. The Dalamatian teachings

2. The Edenic teachings

3. Melchizedek, the Sage of Salem

4. Jesus of Nazareth

5. The Fifth Epochal Revelation  


The current revelation designed to improve our knowledge of Deity and the created universe and which far surpasses the first four epochal revelations in concept and scope. It uses a text called The Urantia Book to teach the new concepts and provide a history of our world, Urantia, since before it was formed until present. The Fifth Epochal Revelation is the first major revelation to use a printed text to teach new concepts on Urantia.


Urantia was chosen for the great honor of being the world for the bestowal experience of Christ Michael, Creator of the Local Universe of Nebadon. Michael chose Urantia because of the great need of the inhabitants, due to the double loss of its spiritual administration and its cultural center.:


Urantia suffered most from the lack of spiritual guidance due to the failures of the first two revelations. In order to keep the concept of God alive, one of the Melchizedek Sons volunteered to incarnate in the likeness of man about 4,000 years ago, to rekindle the spiritual flame and keep the light of truth aglow. One of the students of this school was Abraham, who continued to keep the Salem teachings alive after Machiventa had returned to his pre-bestowal duties.:


Nearly 36,000 years ago, a pair of celestial beings was sent to our planet for the purpose of Urantia’s biologic uplift, intellectual advancement and moral rehabilitation. :


Our Planetary Prince, Caligastia, arrived 500,000 years ago, when there were about one-half billion primitive human beings on the planet, scattered over Europe, Asia and Africa. The assignment of the Prince and his staff was to uplift the concept of civilization.

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2. What is The Urantia Book?

The Urantia Book is intended to be an adjunct to all religions rather than a religion in itself. It melds science, philosophy and religion into a cohesive whole, and represents a genuine cosmology. It was authored by celestial personalities, each one superbly qualified to explain the subject at hand. The authorship of each paper is listed in "The Titles of the Papers" index and in other places.


The book is organized in a "top down" manner; in other words, it begins with the nature of Deity and the abode of Deity in the center of all creation, and explains the structural characteristics and administration of each successive layer, from the center out to the edges of creation:


Part I, The Central and Superuniverses:

After reading the Foreward which provides definitions and word contexts, the first section provides a description of the attributes of Deity and the other beings created in perfection by the Trinity. It also covers the cosmology and evolution of the Master Universe and describes the functions of the various orders of created celestial personalities in the first 31 Papers.


Part II, The Local Universe:

The second section contains the evolution of the physical creation of Nebadon, beginning hundreds of billions of earth years ago and continuing to the present time. The various orders of the created beings are discussed, and how they function in the local universe. This section comprises 24 Papers.

Part III, The History of Urantia:

This section begins with the creation of our solar system, explains the implantation of life, the evolution of life forms throughout the geologic epochs, and the details of the creative evolution of man. Our history of civilization and the evolution of various religions are discussed in detail, complete with the evolution of the soul, the relationship we have with our Thought Adjusters or God Fragments, our personality survival, and our contributions to the Supreme Being. This history of our planet, Urantia, is 62 Papers in length.

Part IV, The Life and Teachings of Jesus:

The last subject of the text adds another 76 Papers to tell the story of the life of Jesus as recorded by the Celestial beings that were ever present from the selection of his parents before his birth, to the morontial appearances he made after his resurrection. Many details are given that were not included in the Bible, including his childhood and years spent traveling and teaching in other lands. Of the four parts of The Urantia Book, most readers feel that Part IV contains the most valuable information, for it can be applied directly to their lives in very positive ways.


The Urantia Book has a unique character in that it is not a book that is read once and cast aside. Students find that every time they re-read a paper, they get more out of it than they did before, because as they grow in experience and as their soul grows, new meanings and values are revealed to them that they missed in previous readings. Many students that started reading the book in 1955 when it was first published are still reading it 50 years later, and they continue to learn from its vast store of universe insight.

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3. What is the “Correcting Time?”

Our planet, called Urantia by the rest of the universe, has not had the normal spiritual care of an evolutionary world for the last 200,000 years. During the Lucifer Rebellion in our system, large numbers of our celestial guardianship joined our apostate Planetary Prince, Caligastia. For a period of seven years, the disloyal Prince and sixty members of his staff, as well as other celestial beings who joined him in betrayal were allowed free reign. Even under these dire circumstances, both celestials and mortals were allowed the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to join the rebellion or remain loyal to God and Michael.


Thirty-seven Planetary Princes within the System of Satania joined in the rebellion. Those worlds, along with the rest of the System of Satania were placed in isolation. All circuits of communication with the rest of our local universe were shut down to prevent the spread of rebellion. The judicial system of the universe gave the perpetrators every opportunity to change their nefarious ways. During this time the planetary circuits remained severed. [UB, Papers 66 & 67] The adjudication occurred in the fall of 1985, and since that time, our System is being slowly brought back into normal relationships of universe administration and contact.


The Correcting Time refers to this reintegration and special augmentation plan to bring our world forward to that point of civilization we would have reached, had it not been for the affects of the rebellion retarding our progress. In the words of Celestial Teacher, JarEL:


"The Correcting Time is a designation, given to an effort by Michael [incarnated as Jesus- Ed], to actively bring this planet, Urantia, the Earth you live on, into its rightful spiritual heritage. This is a tremendous task and undertaking, since most of the administration and direction of this task takes place in the unseen world. All of the action for this program takes place here on the planet in the lives of you mortals who are here today. This is not the first time that spiritual action has been awarded to this planet to increase the spiritual dimension of its inhabitants.


"Concurrent with the adjudication of Lucifer and the edict from the Father in Paradise to bring about the progressive spiritualization of Urantia, Michael has taken it upon himself to more or less be here personally in Spirit, and with the action of the Melchizedek receivers resident on your planet, of which there are twelve, headed by Machiventa, my supervisor, the spiritual administration and headquarters for Urantia has been established.

"The bringing down to the planet of the textbook revelation called the Urantia Book, has been the initial stage for the Correcting Time. First of all, this book was given to this world so that there would be an accurate account of the spiritual history and destiny of this world; that members of your society, now and in the future, would have a reference for the global administration of authority, which will eventually take place on this world, the global brotherhood, and global religion of the one family of brothers and sisters living together in the one family of God". — JarEl, Arcadia, California, USA: July 18, 1999 From Aaron, these words:

"You are the men and women, the new teachers of the gospel of Michael . . . "The Correcting Time, of which the Teaching Mission is a part, is also a part of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, as well as the next dispensation to this planet. You are the men and women that the Urantia Book speaks of, the new teachers of the gospel of Michael, of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humankind. You are, by your own choice, apostles, teachers, evangelists. You are the salt of the earth in this generation. You are witnesses to the Light of the World in these times." -Celestial Teacher, Aaron at the Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA: April 7, 2000

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4. Who Are The Teachers?

Teacher personalities are trained individuals to interact with their human students. They hail from other evolutionary worlds where they lived their human lives before graduating to the mansion worlds. These personalities teach from these worlds of training through a process called transmitting/receiving. Other teachers involved are non-mortal ascenders such as angels, midwayers, archangels, Paradise and local universe Deity, universe aids, and other orders revealed in The URANTIA Book.


One of the ascending teachers, JarEl, was asked about the subject of teachers and who responded to the question as follows:


"One of the first things that Michael did was to establish what was called a Teaching Mission. This initially started through contacts with mortals and celestial beings. When I use the word celestial beings, I am talking about a large number of personalities under one heading, basically beings that cannot be seen by mortal sight contact.


"Most of the teachers who have volunteered to come here, not unlike myself, were at one time mortals from an evolutionary world, who are now at some part into the ascension program in the universe of Nebadon. They have volunteered to come to this world and assist Michael in helping the mortal inhabitants of this world get a grasp on basic spiritual truths.


"The plan is to bring this world to the dawn ages of light and life, and to prepare fertile ground for some point in the future when a Teacher Son or Michael may again appear in the flesh on this world. It is rather foolish to bring such a high being to a world that has no spiritual foundation. So the Teaching Mission was initiated so that mortals could have contact with spiritual counterparts, those of us who are a little ahead of you.


"In a sense, this is metaphorical in that when you leave this world and go to the next worlds of ascension, you will notice that those right above you pass information and teachings to you, and you, in turn, have the opportunity to pass information and teaching to those right below you. This is an ongoing process of education throughout the universe of Nebadon and the Superuniverse of Orvonton. This is the way in which knowledge is gained and knowledge is earned, through experience first hand, through sharing and passing on these experiences to those right below you. In this context, Urantia is taking part in its rightful spiritual heritage. It is getting information about spiritual matters in a way that is non-invasive; the free-will prerogatives of each mortal are not in violation. You are not coerced to be here or to listen to us, and definitely not coerced into action." -Jar-El, Arcadia, California, USA July 18, 1999


Who Is In Charge of The Teaching Mission and The Teachers?


Machiventa Melchizedek is the Urantia spiritual administrator in charge of The Teaching Mission, and explains his position:


"There has been much latitude given to me now in those I am working with. I have become a director of many different groups of beings. I command the loyalty and cooperation of the midwayers now. I work with vast legions of beings that you do not have any real knowledge or understanding of.

"I have my loyal staff of teachers, many who arrived within a short time after my own arrival here. But, indeed, I sent forth some of my staff long before my own immediate arrival to the planet. There are teachers who have been among you now, on this planet, for centuries. They were my scouts, as it were, in this process, this campaign.


"I continue to receive further legions of teachers as more and more hearts are opened to their offerings, as companions for all of you on this planet. I am not limited in the number of possible associates in my work here now. And, indeed, some of these teachers are sent to me from other worlds, other Teaching Missions, where they have had already great training and offer vast understanding and experience to some of my less-trained teachers and associates, now. I have been given great possibilities and numerous options in my work here, and the ways in which I will offer my troops, my comrades, in this work to your planet." —Machiventa Melchizedek, "SpiritFest" TeaM Conference, Watsonville, California, July 23, 1999

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5. What Do The Teachers Say About The URANTIA Book?


Your world received the Urantia Book because your cry for God has been responded to


"You have been recipients of many blessings, and you are beginning to see the benefits of this more recent revelation to your world and the many good things that are coming about as a result of the natural course of events.


"It is an observation by many of us that the relatively short time span between the fourth revelation to your world and the fifth is an uncommon event and should be construed by you as highly merciful. The cry of those of you who yearned for God has been heard and responded to, but planets that follow a more natural course of evolution are not granted their revelations in such a short period of time." —Tomas, Spokane, Washington, USA: Feb. 1, 2000


Remain loyal instead to the living truth and all else will come into perspective for you.

"Your planet is undergoing a massive effort at spiritual uplift; The Urantia Book was a forerunner to the more personal teachings that you have been receiving over the last quarter century. Yes, these are both parts of the same plan, of course.

"As always seems to happen with immature human beings, when someone receives part of the truth, one tends to exaggerate this part and to make it seem to be the whole. The Urantia Book was never meant to be an orphan. Truth is always living; it cannot be crystallized into a single book. The Urantia Book contains many advanced truths, which have helped to pave the way for a more comprehensive teaching effort, but it is not, of course, the final truth or the final revelation for this time period. All of this effort is to prepare your world to eventually receive another Son.

"You have lost so much ground and have had so many set backs that extraordinary efforts are being made to help bring you up to a level where a son could be received with gratitude rather than resentment. Your world has a long way to go before this can be possible. Fear not my son that you must choose between loyalty to a book containing truth or loyalty to a teacher bearing truth. Remain loyal instead to the living truth and all else will come into perspective for you".

—Ham, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Nov. 5, 2000

Alana:  "I realize that this information is in the Urantia Book, but not all hearers of the transcripts have read that book; and, indeed, it is a textbook . . . .

"We, teachers, are here to apply its teachings to your everyday lives." —Alana, Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Pocatello, Idaho, USA, June 8, 2001


"There was much within The Urantia Book preparatory to this teaching mission.

"The teachers are and will continue to expand your spiritual understanding of reality. The actual evidence of the opening of the system circuits will be your life’s experience. Much change will you see and experience, and witness among the people of Urantia.

"Most of the receivers of our teaching are eventually and purposefully brought to The Urantia Book, for it is extremely accurate; in things of our teaching lessons there are some new occurrences that are inevitable when you consider this type of communication. The Urantia Book is a bedrock of knowledge for you to build upon and we are encouraging it’s further study and understanding." -Ham, Address to the Urantia Fellowship, Los Angeles, California, USA, Feb. 01, 1992


"All the recorded material on this world could never replace your source of truth.

"It is time to indeed turn inward and rely upon the source within. You could easily read any recorded material and either believe or disbelieve. It is your inner source that reveals to you that what you read is either truth or not.

"The Urantia Book is indeed well filled with knowledge and truthful meanings and values, but this tool is to be used in conjunction with your inner Father-Fragment. The Urantia Book is not to take the place of that which holds you dear and precious in His sight. The Urantia Book can teach about love, but it cannot love. It can speak about truth, but it is your own soul and Adjuster communication that can reveal to you the actual truth contained within this book.

" You are growing, as painful as that may be. You are beginning to trust in your own Adjuster guidance and use The Urantia Book as a tool and not a map to Father. I can say without a doubt that all is indeed well and on course." -Abraham, Woods Cross Group, April 01, 1996

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6. What is the Teaching Mission?

Celestial Teacher Ham:




"This is a curriculum of first, deep psychological probing. It is not designed to make you instantly feel good, that you might forget your problems for a while. No, you have your churches; you have your entertainment for all that. These sessions are meant to cause some psychological upheavals in the beginning, to make each one face squarely the realities of life and the realities of one’s inner psychological make-up.


"You cannot paint over rotting wood, and expect it to be strong. You must replace the boards, one by one. You must build solidly your psychological foundations before there should be other types of action among Teaching Mission students.



Our curriculum is designed to help you understand each other, and by extension, to understand all others. These groups touch many sensitive spots and many group interactions are painful and difficult and through this, you begin to broaden your minds. To just take the first steps in understanding others who are different from you, who think differently, who see the world very differently. And it is helpful for you each to know how different people can be.


"You begin to see the various psychological subterfuges that each person employs to feel comfortable in group settings. It is all for your education, for your spiritual grounding that these lessons are difficult and are not always designed to simply make you feel good temporarily before you go back to your lives. These lessons are part of your lives, part of your growth experience in the world. Not separate.


"This, then, necessarily, takes time. And you cannot begin to really gain spiritual balance, we estimate, in less than fifteen to twenty years. These classes will change you. They will change the way you look at the world, and the way you understand yourselves and others, and the universe itself. We try to do this in a balanced manner. To give you tools to use in your lives that will help your balance and your psychological foundation.


"No. We do not speak of space ships landing to change the world and solve your human problems. No. We do not speak of new messiahs or even the second coming, which will intervene and solve your human problems. NO. We are slowly and gradually beginning to equip a few mortals to help other mortals. Even as we speak, you are each being placed, given contacts, given assignments, so to speak, to broaden your awareness and also to broaden your education for what is necessary.


"These groups are small and each person who is a loyal member, who absorbs these lessons, is watched by many angels. You are certainly being placed when you are ready to do the most good for the most people. Preparation then, is everything.


"We are not a mass movement. We do not seek to gain many followers and become a religion. We simply want to help each person who comes to understand that they are absolutely essential for the success of the Mission as a whole. Each one of you here is in contact with many more. And you have more influence than you realize. As you speak, as you carry yourselves, as you bring truth to the world vastly in need of it. The Master said we will be none too ready when the Father calls. And so it is.


"These schools are not meant to become massive influences in themselves. They are meant to transform the students. And it will be the students who become influential. Yes. 



It is important that what little money accumulated by the groups is used for the groups and is used up. We do not want to see accumulation of money, or property. These groups are influential only so far as you remain free from political and church entanglements. We focus on the individual, not on a group, or a movement, or some kind of new "ism". Leave organized religion to those who would organize. Maintain freedom from these kinds of ensnarement.


"We are setting up these small schools, these small lesson places all around this planet. We have many in Mexico, Central and South America, and several in Europe, and beginning to have some even in Asia. All these schools are coordinated. All these schools have a set curriculum. It may seem quite random, at times, but I assure you, it is not.


"Each lesson is important. And each week it is important for you to think upon the lesson and to widen your horizons by that tiny bit more. Each student is supremely important. We cherish each one of you who comes to these schools. You are each one surrounded by angelic influence. You are each moved in your lives. You are blocked from wrong paths and given right ones. Your preparation is all of your life. It is not simply being a minister who preaches. No. You are immersed in life; immersed in work; immersed in your world. And through these patient lessons, week upon week upon week, you are gradually being transformed. It is that spiritual growth and transformation, which will itself, allow the angels to place you where you need to be. Do not for a moment think that you are left dangling, or left without help, or without guidance, for this is not so. Each of you is given tasks, given opportunities; given problems to solve that is part of this training. These schools do not exist in a vacuum. You are never taken out of your lives. You are never asked to leave your families or your communities or your work. You are not asked for money, for volunteership, for property. You are not asked for anything except humble adherence to the teachings. That is all that is required.


"The Father who created this vast universe cares for each one of you, personally and completely. Yes, there will be a time in the future when you are given more to do, greater tasks and so on, but it is extremely important to have patience, to be humble and submissive to this process while it is going on". —Ham, Nashville, Tennessee, USA: Oct. 21, 2001

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7. Stillness: Purpose & Practice

The Purpose of Stillness:

The purpose of the Stillness is to achieve attunement with the indwelling presence of God. Stillness is a process and not the achievement of attunement itself.


Attunement is an alignment with the will of God and a door to peaceful inner living while strengthening one’s inner resolve to overcome life difficulties with optimism.


Obtaining alignment within the presence and will of God is not done without some effort to coordinate the intellectual self with the spiritual self. Constant practice is at first the norm to establish the 10 or 15 minute habit on a daily basis. In the Teaching Mission, the celestial teachers have emphasized that, while there are many practices that help to achieve this status, they recommend and teach the routine presented here which represents the remarks of many teachers in explaining the practice.


Stillness is presented as blend of the eastern and western approaches to spirituality, inclusive of both meditation and prayer. Through the seven steps of Stillness, the blending of the traditions will form a unified approach to God. From eastern meditation, Stillness encompasses three steps of physical relaxation, mental stillness and silent listening. From western contemplation, steps of dialogue with God, prayer and worship are included. Both the eastern and western traditions need to learn from each other. Each approach complements the other and together they bring greater fulfillment or enlightenment.

The eastern approach lacks the element of a personal relationship with God, which allows the experience of feeling God’s love in addition to serenity and bliss. The western approach lacks the silent listening, which allows an individual to become more attuned to the inner spirit of God and learn to listen to and trust the guidance of the still voice within.


Stillness is any time you spend with God. However, it may be perceived only as the one phase perhaps best recognized as "silent listening." Many people may wish to spend time with God in stillness, but they really don’t know how or where to begin. To help you get started, Stillness is explained in a seven steps process. While these steps are not necessary, they can be very helpful in getting you focused on building your relationship with God and to incorporate Stillness into your daily routine. With regular practice, relaxing and stilling your mind can be achieved very quickly.


Practice: The Seven Steps of Stillness:

STEP 1: Physical Relaxation

Being physically relaxed is very important. If you are not, discomfort and/or pain will disturb your Stillness. We recommend sitting, feet flat on the floor, legs uncrossed, and arms and hands draped comfortably on the arms of a chair or on your lap. Take several deep breaths and release them slowly. Let your body thoroughly unwind. Close your eyes. If you are properly relaxed, you should only be aware of your breathing, your heartbeat and your thoughts.

STEP 2: Mental Stillness

This step may be the most difficult. The mind is naturally active. Thoughts about the worries of the day, making plans for tomorrow, even fears and anxieties can all come rushing in. You must tell your mind to "be still!" Tell it you want to spend some time in the company of God and that you will get back to these other thoughts later. Take control of your mind. Don’t focus on any of these thoughts. Let them go or tell them to leave for now. If they recur say, "be still," and take another deep breath. When your mind is still, direct it toward the spirit of God within you. Now you are ready to begin your dialogue with God.

STEP 3: Dialogue with God

God is the best friend, wisest counselor, and most loving parent you can ever have. Imagine you are in God’s company and begin to talk about the day. Share the good and not so good experiences with Him. Tell Him about experiences or behavior you don’t understand. Share some of the good times even if they were just brief moments when someone smiled at you or was kind to you. Just as you would share your day with a spouse or a close companion, share it with God. You do the talking (silently, of course); God is doing the listening.

STEP 4: Prayer

As you think about your dialogue with God and share your experiences of the day with Him, you should get plenty of food for prayer. When you see someone who is troubled, confused, feeling unhappy or unloved, ask yourself what they need. Then, pray that it will be given to them. When you see someone who lacks insight into a situation, whether it is their own or another’s behavior, pray they be given understanding. Everyone needs help, and so everyone needs prayer. Forget the lotto numbers and miraculous cures and focus on what will heal their soul, what will lead them to God. As you pray for them, picture them in your mind surrounded by light and love.

STEP 5: Worship

Unlike prayer, worship asks for nothing in return. Worship is simply giving thanks and even praise to God for all the good in our lives. Many people think their life is not very good because they only focus on the material/physical level of existence. Look beyond these and focus on a moment in your life when you were thankful to someone for helping you or someone was very thankful to you for helping them. While focusing on the feeling of thankfulness, realize that all the good in your life comes from God. Thank Him for the positive things in your life, for life itself. Know that in time the struggle of this life will pass and you will move on to live in a universe dominated by truth, beauty and goodness.

STEP 6: Silent Listening

Now listen to God, focus on the inner voice. You will not hear a booming voice telling you what to do. We all wish it were that easy. Find the mental stillness. Sense that God is trying to talk to you but from afar and so His message will be subtly and faintly perceived. You may not think you have received anything at this time. But later, tomorrow, or in a few days as you are going about your activities, suddenly an answer will flash into your mind. Or, someone may say the words you need to hear or you might read them in a book. It takes a while sometimes for God’s message to get through the static layers of consciousness of our minds. But rest assured, He will answer you.

STEP 7: The Embrace

Conclude your Stillness session by basking in the presence and love of God. You don’t have to say or do anything. See yourself in the most beautiful and loving situation you have ever experienced or imagined. Realize that God is the creator of this loving feeling and your destiny is to live in that love forever. Let God’s love wash away your fear and troubles. See yourself happy, smiling and full of love for yourself and others. If you wish, you can conclude your Stillness session by saying a prayer or silently singing your favorite song of love within your mind. As you do, realize God is the source of all true love. He is the love of your life.

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8. How Is It Possible To Communicate With Celestial Teachers?

Said teacher Rayson, "When I am with you, I am with you in consciousness."


While the subject of "how" a teacher can communicate with us from a different place is a much more complicated process technically, the words of teacher Rayson explain it fairly well as we recognize and feel the connection that allows the process go forward. The exchange of information is entirely "real", and sophisticated enough to transmit concepts, pictures, feelings, words, and combinations thereof. The process is likely to get even better as the teachers learn to use the brand new communication circuits in the universe that were not originally available when the teaching mission began.

The teacher Rayson answered a student's question about the connection that allows these communications to take place.


From the Celestial Teacher Rayson:

"Well, it is not as though I am Tinker Bell sitting on your shoulder. But I am with you in consciousness, meaning that when you "feel" my consciousness, my presence, you would awaken to that in your awareness. …

"This is an expanded awareness process. You can feel my presence at times, and you may jerk your head up and say, ‘Oh! Rayson is here,’ and then address me. And this is truly an occurrence; it is energy that you feel that is non-empirical, yet you know that I am here.

"The same with your [Creator-]Brother, Christ Michael, though his energy is so pervasive that it is a continuous stream of "presence" on his part. And some of you become so familiar with this that you no longer recognize it as ‘presence,’ though it is.

"When I am with you, I am with you in consciousness. I travel about your planet as well, as a morontial entity. There are millions of us here, as you know, and so it is a frequent coming and going. I think there is more to your question, though, is there not?"

Student: Yes, I was looking at the people who want to begin the T/R [Transmitting/Receiving] process, and communicating, writing —automatic writing— speaking. When we feel your presence, we can begin talking to you?

Rayson: " Yes, exactly! Also, I am contactable through consciousness. Perhaps I am not here and you think or say aloud, "Rayson, may I speak with you?" And through the circuits that have been reconnected, I become aware of your request, and can be "present" —and I would put that in quotes—, be "present" with you for conversation, even though I may be in another location.

"Yes, you can initiate your contact to T/R or discuss with me or Michael or Nebadonia, or any other of the benevolent creatures of Light that work for Michael. We are available. You can initiate this on your own, or you can become aware of our presence within you, and that is initiation as well. It is best developed through the unhesitating, unprejudiced acceptance that this is possible, and that you can do it and it is doable, and it is experiential on your part. It may take some coaxing, as in automatic writing, and the coaxing usually involves a question. And then a release of your conscious thought of what you think "ought to be said," and release it so that you hear what is "really being said." This is perhaps more easily done in writing, as you can write an opening sentence to yourself that begins, "I am listening to a celestial teacher talk to me and this celestial teacher is saying:" and then you kind of go off and whatever comes into your consciousness you write down.

"It is a fact that there are only a very few people who cannot do this. There are more people who can do this than cannot." —Rayson, Northern Colorado Teaching Mission Group, USA: Feb. 12, 2003

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9. How Reliable Are Transmitter/Receivers (T/R’s)?

All Transmissions Contain Some Elements of the Transmitter

Teacher Ham: "You are asking that I should verify the veracity of a transmission and this I cannot do. All of the human participants in this Mission are sincere and fully committed to transmitting the highest understanding they can conceive. That being said, all transmissions contain some elements of the transmitter. None are completely free from human input.


"You, therefore, must discern for yourself what resonates truth for you at this time. The transmissions are always some mixture of the word, thought, image transmitted and the receptor’s interpretation of it. The beauty of this is profound, in that every person involved must actively and continually use their own discernment of truth for each transmission.


" As I have said many times, all things with human input contain some measure of human error. This includes even such icons as the Bible, and the Urantia Book. Therefore, my son, rely on the Spirit of Truth, which guides you yourself, not on the discernment of another being. Be at peace, my son, for you do know truth. Dwell within it. Follow it, and you will be fine." —Ham, Nashville, Tennessee, USA: 01/03/22


There Are Two Types of Causes For Errors in Transmitting

Teacher Will:


"When transmitters go wrong, the error generally falls into two categories. Category one is those errors spontaneously generated by the velocity of spirit progress being made during a transmission event. In other words, the transmitter gets swept away with euphoric feelings of spiritual progress. It is difficult for us to then exert any control whatever over the wayward human, other than break off communication. In this situation, the animal nature of the human has taken over. Great surges of human emotion, whether surges of euphoria or fear, are a powerful impediment to this communication. But the velocity achieved by the transmitter often quickly carries the subject matter into areas that are not reliable or are clear error. There is little we can do to control this.


"In this communication, like all communications between all humans, you are not relieved of your duty to exercise common sense and sagacity. You are not to set aside your normal capabilities of judgment merely because it is said that these words come from God. You well know that your God would never ask that.



"Category two is a fear based transmission - when the receiver transmitter is not fully capable of selfless transmission. When the receiver transmitter begins to personally identify with the veracity of the message, then an equal and similarly impassable impediment exists to the free and accurate transmission of our message.


"The transmitters cannot and may not take credit for either the good or ill spawned by the words which we speak to you on occasions like this. It is an impossibility for the transmitters to be responsible in any sense. How could a transmitter be responsible for the effect of the message on an unknown hearer or reader? Transmitters are relieved of this responsibility. Personality identification with the message is a regrettable human fancy and does not exist in our experience of reality.


"For those transmitters who read these words, I counsel you that in this, like all human activities, do not fear to stop, consider that error might thrive. Back up. If necessary, start over. You are of value to us. We know that you are incapable of operating error free. The success of this activity relies in large measure upon your individual ability to recognize the weaknesses of your personalities, your own wayward predilections and your ability to discipline. Nevertheless, error exists. We admit it. We are all far from Havona and error is a large part of the reality with which we daily deal". From Celestial Teacher Will, January 2, 1994


Checking Accuracy


Having said that, errors in transmission do happen between imperfect beings, it also must be said that the process is not totally unreliable. Those who transmit for groups are generally sincere, ethical, honest, stable individuals who are well trained and make every effort to set their egos aside and faithfully transmit the message from the celestial being as accurately as possible and to the best of their ability. The teachers have said that they can cease to T/R through that person, if that were not the case.


By comparing messages from the same teacher through different individuals, or by comparing the topics from many teachers through a variety of mortal individuals, one can see consistency overall, more so than would be possible by chance or by trickery in such a great number of diverse groups cooperating with celestials in different States and countries. But that is a question that each reader must discern for himself/herself through time, using the Spirit of Truth, and the validation of the Thought Adjuster.


T/R’s have at times checked the accuracy of a transmission by requesting that the same message be transmitted through a different T/R, and then afterward they compared notes.

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